Margaret Cook

Alumni - BA English and BA Journalism w/Mass Communication

A little bit about me...

I am presently 56 years old and started my academic adventure when I was 52. I started in May, 2011 and have enjoyed the ride all the way. I have finally reached my goal of two degrees: One BA in English and one BA in Journalism with Mass Communication. It was a long, twisting, winding road, yet one well worth traveling. My career goals are to be a published author, publicist, editor, and a freelance journalist. I love to express my feelings on paper and my greatest love of writing is writing poetry. I chose to become a mentor because I remember how I felt when I first started and did not have someone from the school to help with support and encouragement. I feel I can help someone with my experience and support. My keys to success were my study patterns and not giving up. I plan to further my English degree and I look forward to being a part of the CHAMPS mentoring program.