Jayni Monley


Voting Rights Act
Enabled the rights of minorities to vote. This is projected to be one of the most successful most effected act ever to be made in the country.

Civil Rights Act
Rights that were to protect people of discrimination based on , religion, race, sex or national origin at public places to.


Created a whole new global market for new business, and new job opportunity.

Monetary Policy

Monetary authority of a country controls all aspect of money flowing in and out from supply and demand, often targeting a rate of interest for promoting growth of the economy.


People with disabilities receive help and provides a support system that is long term for these individuals

Created programs that help families that are less fortunate and giving them the things they need to live, through block grants from the states.


Clean Air Act
Gives necessary tools to EPA to protect our families from pollutions

Enforces regulations protecting human health and the enviroment.
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