The Greystone Glance

Weekly Update from Principal Quattrucci

The Week of January 24th

Our week started off beautifully and I saw many happy faces eager to get back to learning and working together at Greystone on Tuesday morning. Our Greystone students amazed me with their participation in class, acts of kindness, and their overall attentiveness to their own learning throughout the week. Many children shared their favorite books with me, and were happy to discuss their academic goals.

Information for the Week

PTA/ Meet the Principal Meeting

It would be wonderful if you would join the Greystone PTA and I on February 8th at 6:30pm. I would love to formally introduce myself and get to know the families a little bit better. I promise that as soon as we can, I will host an in-person, proper 'Meet the Principal' event and I can't wait for that opportunity!

COVID Protocols

As numbers are rising, we are all keeping our windows open as much as possible, air purifiers on all day, and making sure students sanitize/wash their hands at the start of the school day, before eating snack, lunch, and after recess. Extra masks are always available, and we are following all nurse protocols.

Aimsweb Plus

The Aimsweb Plus testing window remains open until January 25th. This is a research-based online reading and math assessment for all students.


SurveyWorks began on Tuesday, January 18th. It is important for all of us to participate by answering the SurveyWorks questions, because our answers provide meaningful feedback on how to improve Rhode Island Schools.

This is the family link and it will ask you to choose our school from a drop-down menu.

This is the teacher link and it will also ask you to choose our school from a drop-down menu.

World Read-Aloud Day

World Read-Aloud Day is February 2nd. We are pleased to be hosting author Brian Wray for a school-wide virtual author visit from 9:15-10:15am on that day. Brian is the author of Fen's Drop of Gray, Max's Box, Unraveling Rose, and Maia and the Very Tall Wall.

Special Valentine's Day Virtual Author Visit!

Lisa Caprelli, author of the Unicorn Jazz series will be treating us to a special Valentine's Day Virtual Author Visit! This will happen at 1:45 on February 11th via zoom!

Reading Week

Reading Week will be celebrated throughout the week of March 7th. The theme is "Be You! We are Readers!" We are pleased to be welcoming author Jay Miletsky for a Virtual Author Visit on March 10th. He is the best-selling author of multiple children's books, including Ricky the Rock That Couldn't Roll. Information on how to pre-order a signed copy went home today. More information about Reading Week will be shared soon! We are very excited about the many different ways Greystone will celebrate reading!

Book Club

Our book club for grades 3-5 will meet to discuss Friendship According to Humphrey on January 24th. Slacker by Gordon Korman has been chosen for the March 24th book club.

Spelling Bee

I am looking forward to the district spelling bee on Thursday, February 3rd at 6:30pm. It will be virtual, and we are proud to have Aaron representing Grade 5, with Laura as an alternate, and Mason representing Grade 4, with Cameron as an alternate.


Our next School Improvement Team meeting will be Thursday, February 10th at 4:00pm.

Lifetouch Picture Retakes/Makeups

They are now scheduled for Thursday, February 10th.

Monthly Character Trait

We will be focusing on kindness throughout the months of January and February.

In Mrs. Creamer’s class, Genesis helped Ethan make his snowman without being asked. Ethan had been absent, and she was trying to help him catch up. Also from Mrs. Creamer’s class, Aminata helped Avayah pick up her shoebox full of supplies when it was dropped. She was up and helping before I even realized exactly what had happened! She also did it quietly!

Zachary from PreK asked a peer to play when he noticed she was upset. She immediately smiled and they played together.

Sophia and Landon Graham have been helping out their next-door neighbor since COVID became a part of our reality. Due to the neighbor's congestive heart failure, "effortless" tasks are not so effortless for her. Last year, Sophia and Landon helped bag more than 17 bags of leaves, which also required hauling them to the front of her house. Now they are helping her out with simpler tasks such as taking out her trash and recycling bins and returning them the next day. Most recently, when her entire family came down with COVID, Sophia and Landon helped with the grocery shopping and delivered them in small easy to carry bags outside of her front door.

Arayah from Ms. Moura's class was so kind to offer all the sight word cards she earned in a game to a sad friend!

Derek and Ava show kindness every day by helping others and by coming to school early every day to prepare the morning announcements!

Alexander from Ms. Robert's class helped his friend clean up all his supplies when they spilled on the floor.

Liam from Ms. Sharon’s PreK helped his friend open his snack.

Evan from Mrs. Aquilante’s class is always helping to clean the classroom and pick up things, even though most of what he picks up isn't even his!

Nahla from Mrs. Creamer’s class filled up the ketchup container without being asked and she doesn't even ever use it!

Brandon from Ms. Lucca's class voluntarily helped another student with their work.

Jamie from Ms. Lucca's class so polite and stopped to let an adult walk in front of him in the hall.

We will continue to recognize students for their acts of kindness this week!

Great Kindness Challenge

The Great Kindness Challenge will take place from January 24-28th. Students will be creating a school-wide paper chain that will grow as they perform more and more good deeds/acts of kindness!

Quote of the Week

"Do only good things."

We are here to do good things for our students, our coworkers, and our community. One School. One Team. One Passion. We represent qualities such as caring, sharing, connection, integrity, and excellence. Our culture mirrors those attributes. Let’s continue to make our school the best place to work where everyone is inspired to be the best they can be. What we do, we do well. Let’s keep the courage to shape a better future for our students.