Make A Home Made Stuffed Animal Owl

Stuffed Fun


  • piece of paper
  • fabric
  • fabric cutting scissor
  • thin string
  • stuffing
  • needle
Created by: Annabeth Chase

Step 1

If you have a piece of paper draw an out a owl as big as the piece of paper. then cut out the owl and pick what colors you want your owl to be.

Step 2

Take a fabric you want the owls skin to be.Put the owl on top of the fabric and cut out the owl in the fabric.

Step 3

Cut out the eyes in the fabric you choose. Cut out smaller eyes. Cut out a yellow beak and wings that are colored.

Step 4

Sew on the eyes, beak, and wings.Cut out the owls skin again in the same color.

Step 5

Sew the back to the front, but leave a hole wide enough to slide your hand inside, but leave the string on.

Step 6

Add enough stuffing to make it look like a stuffed animal.


Sew on the rest of the owl

Your Owl Is Complete

Congrats, now your plush home made owl is complete.You can go show off to your friends that you made your own owl.