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Genesis or "Birth"

Atlas was the son of Iapetos and the Oceanid Clymene. Hesiod's Theogony, a poem describing the origins of genealogy of the Greek Gods and composed circa 700 BC, stated that Iapetos took his wife to bed and through that Clymene bore Atlas.

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Realm or Dominion

Atlas ruled over as king of Arcadia but he had the job of holding up the earth or heavens after he led the other Titans in their ten-year battle against Zeus. When the gods won Zeus punished Atlas by giving him the responsibility of holding the heavens on his shoulders.

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Other Mythological Creatures

Hercules- Atlas was tried to trick Hercules into taking on his responsibility of holding up the heavens when Atlas offered to find the apple of Herperides, but Hercules tricked him into taking the the responsibility back.

Perseus- Perseus asked Atlas for a place to live, but when Atlas declined Perseus turned atlas into stone using Medusa's head.

Deimas- The son of Dardanus of Troy, he took over the place of ruler of Arcadia.


Atlas was not reported to die.

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