Angkor Wat Temple

By Colby Q


Angkor Wat is in modern day Cambodia which is south west of China. Angkor Wat use to be the capital of Khemer Empire. Itis built near the base of Mount Meru which is a very important mountain. It was thought that Mount Meru was the center of the earth.

Here is a Google Map of Angkor

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Angkor Wat is a huge temple covering about 3,300 square feet. There are five big towers that you see right away when you first see it and those five towers represent the five peaks of Mount Meru. Around Angkor Wat is a large moat. The moat is 650 feet wide, about three miles long and is 13 feet deep. The cool part about the moat is that it helps control the ground water underneath the temple to help stabilize it too.
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Angkor Wat was originally a temple devoted to the religion Hinduism. One of the gods they worshiped is Vishnu who was depicted as a protector. The people at Angkor Wat worshiped him and built many statues of Vishnu.

However, in 12th century a man named Siddhartha Gautama who was a young prince in northern India and he was very wealthy and was kept away from everything poor. One day he went for a walk through the kingdom and realized how poor everyone was and how sick the people were. He was very unhappy with what he saw, so he went on a journey into the mountainous terrain into the wild to find something. He did not know what he was looking, but he did know he trying to find a cure to all this pain the people were going through.

When he was in the mountains he did not bring much with him and was starting to feel the way the poor people did and go through what they have been going through. During this time he has become very wise and humble and he found inner peace. He discovered a religion called Buddhism.

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Why Angkor Wat is Sacred

Angkor Wat is an amazing temple and has great history behind it because of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Temple was originally built by the Hindu people who were detected to their gods (polytheistic). People there even made sculptures and statues of their gods.

However, when Siddhartha Gautama came to Angkor Wat and told the people there about Buddhism some made the switch to it. The people loved Buddhism and the idea of finding inner peace and not trying to go after your desires.

What makes Angkor what such a sacred place has to be because of the switch in religions from Hinduism to Buddhism. Plus the architecture and design of it is truly amazing for the time. No other temple can compare to it.

Interesting Facts

  • Is used for funerals
  • Was made to be a replica of the universe
  • Was thought that it was the center of the world
  • About five million tons of sandstone was used to build it
  • Lion statues were built around the temple to guard them
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