Return to the island

Book By: Gloria Whelan flier by: Cherese Atchison

What the setting took place

It happen here in michigan in 1818. In a small town on a island there is a church

Fort, company and a trading post. This book took place in the seasons of fall, winter,spring.

It is a state that is mainly water and trees and a farm where the main character lives.

Main characters

Mary: she has brown hair and is a character that is likes hanging out with her brother and her friends. Eager to go where her friends are.

White halk: is a boy that is brown skin and dark long hair and a indian. He is proud to be in his tribe. He likes to explore with Mary.

Mary's brother: dark curly hair, likes to do what other young men did at the time, went into a fight.

Mary's siter I law : and Indian that is a good farmer, has dark hair, is a mother of a boy

James: a prince has white skin , is a painter wants to marry Mary.

The sisters: has long hair, both rich, one stepped on Mary's dress, both are elagant


Mary has been engaged to this prince. She likes this Indian better. So she and her friend/family are helping her to decide. She ends up marrying the Indian.

Historical events: lot of Indians moved to tempera rally territories, war happened Detroit vs. British,British controlled forts, territory returnd 1814 by treaty and Ghent

Opinion: I really liked the book, it was great!