Nuclear Fusion: Energy Innovation

December 10, 2015

Our Discovery

I am Sydney Hawkins, the lead scientist at Central Discoveries, Inc. We are a nonprofit laboratory that works to discover and invent things that benefit the people. We have discovered a way to create energy through the process of nuclear fusion. This is a ground-breaking discovery because prior to this, nuclear fusion has only been performed within the sun.

About Nuclear Fusion

In contrast to the already available nuclear fission, nuclear fusion creates energy by combining atoms, instead of pulling them apart. As for safety precautions and concerns that you may have, nuclear fusion is a very safe process and emits no greenhouse gases or radioactive waste.

Economic Impact

Here is the downside of nuclear fusion - it is expensive. The costs of the experiments involved in developing it are already burdening the scientists at Central Discoveries, and the cost of putting nuclear fusion into action is even more pricey. However, I feel that it is worth it because nuclear fusion is renewable, unlike coal and petroleum which have a very limited supply. Nuclear fusion could sustain us as a society, and do so forever without releasing any toxic materials or harmful gases into our atmosphere.