The Rosewood Report - Issue 5

Friday 1st April

Dates to remember


Friday 1st - School photos

Friday 8th - Hat Parade

- Last day of term, 2.30pm finish

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Mr G's Good News Gazette

Week 9 update

Only one week left of Term 1! With nine weeks of the term now behind us, this has been the longest period of time that we've been at school in over two years. With this being the case, we have noticed that most of the kids seem a bit tired and ready for the school holidays to arrive.

Our last day of this term is Friday 8th April and we finish at 2.30pm. We always finish Term 1 with our annual hat parade and we invite all our students to create and wear a hat in the theme of Grand Gaming. This Friday is also a free dress day and we request students bring a gold coin donation for the Royal Children's Hospital Appeal.

We've had a very successful first term and all our staff and students have managed well, especially as we are still operating with a range of COVID-safe restrictions in place. I would like to thank families who have been encouraging their children to undertake regular rapid antigen testing, wear a mask to school and remain at home when unwell. Although quite a few of us within the school community have contracted COVID at various times, it's important for us all to remain vigilant in order to minimise the risk to others. We are hoping that by early next term we'll be able to welcome parents back into classrooms, with continuing safety measures in place of course.

Speaking of remaining vigilant, the school is becoming increasingly aware of students discussing and sharing inappropriate games and websites that they are accessing at home. This is not a new issue, but with the school holidays near and students likely to spend increased time on screens and devices, it is important for parents to be aware of what their children may be accessing online. Some games such as Minecraft and Roblox can be educational but allow players to play and chat online which can be risky. Other games, such as Hello Neighbour, Among Us and Poppy Playtime sound kid-friendly, but in actual fact contain horror and scary or violent themes and are all subject to age ratings. It is worth parents becoming familiar with what games and content their children are accessing to make sure it is appropriate.

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Presentation of leadership badges

Last Friday, we had a special assembly to present our student school leaders with their leadership badges. We were lucky to have our Local Member of Parliament, Gabrielle Williams, attend to present these badges to the students. Well done and congratulations to the students who received leadership positions and badges.
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Partnership with Dandenong Learning & Community Centre

We are very pleased to be partnering with Dandenong Learning and Community Centre and are inviting our families to get involved. DLCC are going to be leading a program within our school which will help to establish and maintain our gardens. We are looking for enthusiastic community members to help create and maintain engaging play spaces for our students. There is no experience necessary! We would like to expand some of our current garden play areas, plant more trees and shrubs and maintain our current gardens.

Please contact the school if you would like to volunteer some time and help keep our school looking beautiful.

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RDPS party people

Happy birthday to Archer, Darcie, Rada, Lana, Quade, Serene and Irfan (absent) who all have birthdays during the last couple of weeks of term.

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Unit A News

Over the last few weeks, the students in Unit A have really enjoyed getting into the spirit of the Buddies program by participating in some activity sessions with the Grade 5/6 students.

Even though the Prep children have not yet been allocated a particular Buddy, they have enjoyed some sports activities outside, and an indoor play session with construction, puzzles, games, and drawing.

The senior school students were wonderful and demonstrated the care and compassion that made the younger children feel safe and comfortable working and playing with them. The Preps are already asking when we are having Buddies again.

The Grade 1 students are having fun interacting with their Buddies and building on the relationships that were started last year. We are impressed by the Grade 6 students who are continuing in their roles as positive mentors and role models for the junior students.

Unit A is also very excited by the prospect of our Hat Parade on the last day of Term 1. We hope everyone is working on their hats at home and we look forward to seeing some wonderful creations.

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Unit C News

The past few weeks, the Grade 3s and 4s have been busily clearing our Unit C Garden in preparation for our winter seedlings. The students have shown teamwork as they have worked towards a collective goal to have our garden ready for Term 2.

We would like to remind families that students and parents need to go via the office to sign in students if arriving after 9:05am. Some students arrive late at our rear doors, bypassing the office.
We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing break! We look forward to seeing everyone back in Term 2!

Unit B News

Report from Harry and Sikander (Grade 6)

This term we have been focusing our time on elections. We think that it has been a very valuable experience so far. We have been focusing on persuasive writing which has definitely helped write our persuasive speeches. We have learned how bills are passed through the upper and lower house. We have learned about the constitution and how Australia became its own country. We have also had the convenience to experiment with different poster styles and techniques. We think our parties have handled all of the tasks extremely well. We had an incursion earlier in the term with someone from the state parliament to help build our understanding of parliamentary knowledge on how the government works in Australia. During this incursion we have learnt about how a bill is passed through debating and voting. Recently we have been working on a grade 6 election where whoever wins gets to control the grade for the whole day. We have prepared posters, persuasive texts and even badges. Overall, it has been a great experience.

Sikander and Harry

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Unit D News

During our literacy rotations last week, the Grade One students got creative and built their very own robots from boxes. This week, they will name their robot and write a narrative about it.

Another highlight of last week was our buddies program that will be taking place every Wednesday afternoon. The students were engaged in a range of different Developmental Play activities where they could get to know each other and have some fun!

It has been a pleasure to see the Grade One students' excitement when they progress with their M/100 words and daily take-home reader levels. Thank you for supporting your child in reading at home.

The Grade Two students have been using their five senses to add descriptive language to their writing pieces. We have worked on expanding our vocabulary from commonly used adjectives to more exciting ones in our narrative writing. During maths, the students have been consolidating their understanding of addition and subtraction by investigating the relationship that they share.

The Green Team report

We are pleased to present the 2022 RDPS Green Team! We are very fortunate to welcome some very enthusiastic members this year and they have already successfully run a few workshops. Their latest campaigns were to raise awareness about Earth Hour and not littering the school grounds. They held interesting recycling clinics during lunchtime on Clean up Australia Day. They were also very quick in mastering the art of composting and feeding our worms.

Watch this space for future 'green' events!

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Words from the easel

A big thank you to all the students for a successful Art competition! We had lots of fabulous artworks entered. Thank you to our Art captains, Emilia and Kannan and our Art team Liana, Sia, Charlie and Summer for their assistance. Congratulations to our RDPS Art competition winners: Huxley PH, Neera PC, Mishka 1S, Charlie 1S, Ellie 2C, Vivaan 2S, Annika 3W, Isaac 3T, Sarah 4R, Dhyan 4R, Djani 5S, Aaliyah 5S, Sophie 6R and Fiona 6R

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Musical notes

Grade 5 and 6 children have enjoyed learning guitars in Music. They have learnt to play tunes, chords and strumming patterns.

The low-down on LOTE

Grade 2 children have been excited about learning the celebration of Lunar Chinese New Year. They have made a Year of the Tiger bookmark to celebrate the Festival.

Dad Joke of the week

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