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December 4, 2015

News and Information

Pajama Day- Thursday, December 17th

Thursday, Dec. 18th is pajama day at Converse. Please make sure your child’s pajamas follow the dress code in the handbook. Also, if the weather allows we will be going out for recess. Make sure your child has sweats to slip on over pj s and shoes to wear outdoors. They may also bring a small blanket or beach towel to sit on, as we will be watching a movie in the gym.

Gift Exchange- Since you may be doing some shopping soon!

Our class will be having a gift exchange during the Christmas Party. We ask that you limit the price of your gift to $2.00. Boys need to bring a gift for a boy. Girls need to bring a gift for a girl. We will be playing a game to distribute the gifts, so on the tag please just have your child sign their name. They may bring their gift in anytime that is convenient prior to Dec. 18th.

Paper Grocery Bags Needed

Each child will need to bring a large PAPER GROCERY (or reusable shopping) BAG to school no later than Friday, Dec. 11. I line the bags up down the classroom and as I take down the holiday decorations they made I walk by and drop them in the open bags. The bag needs to be large, have a flat bottom and be able to stand up on its own. If you have a large collection of paper bags and would like to donate I would appreciate it. Thank you.


This week we started a new theme focusing on summarizing and fixing up problems we have when reading. For example when we come to a word we don’t know we can chunk it, look for the parts we already know, use a picture clue and/ or read the rest of the sentence to decide what might make the most sense. We continue to work on fluency, vocabulary, phonics and phonemic awareness each day.

Reading Homework: practice sight word list and fluency passage. Don't forget to return the fluency passage- it is part of their grade!


  • added 2 digit numbers with regrouping using base 10 blocks
  • added 2 digit numbers using the addition algorithm
  • -1 facts
  • identified and created similar shapes and designs (similar means the same shape, but not the same size)

English and Writing

We will spend the remainder of this semester reviewing skills in English. This week we worked on nouns.

In Writing we continue to work on writing friendly letters and the genre of persuasive writing. Hopefully Santa will be persuaded to bring us some of the things on our list!

Spelling Words

Test will be Friday, Dec. 12 (just 12 words)

paw yawn paws crawl claw

lawn crawling dawn salt ball

walk talk

Data Binders- Look for them Monday

Homework Helps and Hints

Use dimes and pennies to help solve addition with regrouping problems. It is easy and everyone has some spare change lying around… here is how.

1. Make a place value mat by dividing a sheet of paper in half. Label the left half tens and the right half ones. Gather a collection of 20 dimes and 20 pennies. Leave the dimes and pennies off to the side. That area will be the “bank”.

2. Sample problem 47+35=

3. Have your child put down 4 dimes on the tens side and 7 pennies on the ones side

4. Leave those coins on the place value mat and have your child add 3 dimes and 5 pennies

5. Count the coins starting with the dimes

6. Ask your child if there are enough pennies to trade- there needs to be 10 or more pennies to trade.

7. If they are unable to trade, the problem is finished. If they are able to trade go on to step 8.

8. Take 10 pennies off of the work mat. Trade them for a dime from the “bank”

9. Put the traded dime on the tens side of the work mat

10. Count the dimes and pennies- now the problem is complete! (By the way, after you trade, your answer should be the same as the amount you counted in step 5. If the amounts don’t match, a mistake was made in counting or trading, and you should go back to step 3.)

Important Events


17 PJ day

18 Holiday Party/ End of 2nd Quarter

18-Jan. 4 Christmas Break


5 2nd semester begins

6 Report cards posted to Skyward

18 MLK day- no school unless needed for make up day