World Changing Cause Global Change

Young man changes his life and the world

Young man becomes killer predator to survive

14 year old boy becomes a killer predator in a panicking world to survive and thrive. The world had an over growth in plant and animal life and vines and trees have taken up all the populated area and people are being wiped out by wild animals so a young man decides to go back to his old ancient cave man animal roots and kills people to survive or people that intrude his territory which has seemed to be the over grown city which used to be New York City.

Pro's and Con's of this new relationship

Young man has stolen advanced hunting weapons like a bow ans arrows and spears and other ancient weapons with some high tech attachment.

There are several advantages to this relationship with this young man, We can get food and he could lead us to our old civilization. But also this give us many disadvantages such as he could go back so far to his roots he could become an animal with no moral and cold heart and wipe out the whole state of what used to be New York