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April Digital Citizenship Theme

April's Digital Citizenship lesson theme is Information Literacy. Link to D64 Digitial Citizenship Google Doc. With the Common Sense Media materials, teachers need to sign up for a teacher account to view or print lesson PDF's. If you have trouble creating an account I am happy to help or print out lesson PDF's with you.
April is Poetry Month!

Education World blog post with great poetry lessons and ideas

YouTube Settings

Did you know you can add Subtitle/Closed Captions to many YouTube Videos? If subtitles are available for a video a little CC icon will appear on the lower right side of the view when the mouse is scrolled over the video. Using subtitles when showing videos in class can be extremely helpful in developing reading & literacy skills of all students, especially ELL students and struggling readers.

Note: Not all YouTube videos have this option, but many do! Also, the subtitles in YouTube are not always perfect depending on the quality of sound and spoken voice within the video.

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Creativity Quote:

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