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Take advice from someone, who knows the feeling. Tangled hair is the BEST, and with this brush tangled hair comes in one easy step! Introducing, "Tangles Much More!", the 2016 best product of the year. This brush is revolutionary, as used by famous superstars such as Landry Bender, and as you all know Taylor Swift! Tangles Much More, makes your hair look even WORSE than it did before you brushed it! But wait there's more! Don't rush to the store, because these will never run out of stock, said by many! Ordinary people, like you and me use this product DAILY!

"This product, makes me feel like I just woke up. It works so well with tricking my mom into thinking I have been in bed this WHOLE time!" Said by regular buyer, and it's true! The more you brush, the more your hair feels tangled, and messy! Doesn't that just sound AWESOME! Your hair will attract the wildest of animals! You will be the coolest kid in school, and at work! Neatly brushed hair is running out of style, be different and use the "Tangle Much More!". Sold for only, $6.99 per brush, just like any other! But, if you hurry, you can save BIG on our 2 for $1 deal! Buy 2 brushes and receive $1 dollar off!


"What A Great Brush!"

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Tangles Much More comes in 4 different styles! Green for short hair, Pink for long hair, Yellow for straight hair, and Teal for curly/wavy hair! You might be asking yourself why buy this product? Well over 8% of Americans can tell you that Tangles Much More, is a needed product! With this invention you can have a good believable reason for being in your Pajamas at 3:00 at night! Also, you have a chance to stand out from the crowd! Tangles Much More is worth it!

We all have tangles, so why get rid of them! They are just a part of life!

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