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Go Guardian for Teachers

Last year, GoGuardian was used to help filter Google Chrome and keep our students safer while using the internet. This year, we have the added ability to set up our classrooms in GoGuardian and integrate this tool with our classroom management. It is optional but has some useful features:

  • See each student and the current screen open on their devices in real time
  • View a live timeline of what students are working on
  • Open and close browser tabs remotely
  • Lock screens to lessen distractions

GoGuardian also integrates with Google classroom. You can upload your class easily. The entire setup once you get your login will only take a few minutes.

How do I set it up?

You should be getting an e-mail soon with directions to log in for the first time. Below is a screencast that walks you through the process and shows you some of the main features.

If you decide you want to use the GoGuardian teacher features and want more support with set up, please let me know. I am happy to help you!

Go Guardian

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