Monk Seals Endangered

monk seal facts

why are monk seals are endangered?

- monk seals have been hunted by humans ever since humans have been on Hawaii

- monk seals have also been exposed to pollution & environmental loss

- monk seals have been eaten by sharks & humans

- monk seals also stop caring for they're young when they see humans

- ''Hawaiian monk seal''. National Geographic,2013. May 30,2013.http://animals.

monk seal food & habitat

- monk seal like warm sand & water

- monk seals stay on land to sunbathe or to take care of they're young

- monk seals live on the tropical coasts of the Hawaiian islands

- monk seals are classified as carnivores

- they eat octopus, squid, prawn, & eel

- the monk seal doesn't really have a home or territory

monk seal food & habitat pictures

final facts

adaption & size/wieght

- monk seal adapted and can use communication the same way we do

- monk seal also have powerful flippers to get away from predators

- a monk seal can weigh up to 250 kg

- a monk seal can reach up to 230 cm

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