Colored Book Bags

What are these for and what comes in them?

Book Bags

Every Night your child will bring home a colored cloth book bag. Inside these bags there will be a book, that your child will read to you. Word cards and sometimes a note or sheet from the teacher. There will also be a reading log in your child's bag. Please fill this out each day that your child reads to you. Each of these components are given more detail below.
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R.E.D. (Read Every Day) Reading Log

Every night when your child brings home their colored book bag and they read to you, you will fill out this sheet. I will give them a sticker to put on their sheet, and they will also put a sticker on the R.E.D. chart in our room. After your child reads so many books they will get a reward!

Back of the book Activity Sheets

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Back of Book Sheets

This year instead of sending home the take home sheets. I made these activity sheets to go in the back of every Take Home Book. On this sheet you will see some ideas for activities and questions to ask while your child is reading the book. Doing these activities at home will help your child be more successful in the classroom. If you do not have very much time one night, at the very least, please listen to your child read the take home book. The best way to get better at reading is to read! If you ever have any questions about an activity or it doesn't make sense. Please don't hesitate to contact me. If you are having trouble understanding something, someone else probably is too!