Bulldog Bulletin

Next week will be the best week yet at "The Park!" 5/2/2016

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This Week

This will be a busy week and the beginning of TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! Please look below for all of the activities and WEAR JEANS ALL WEEK! We love you and want you to be comfortable!

Monday- Cinco de Mayo committee will meet after school

Tuesday- Breakfast will be served by the TAs!

Wednesday- Lunch will be served by the leadership team!, STAAR meeting, fire drill

Thursday- Teacher Appreciation Room Service from PTA, Cinco de May Festival

Friday- Super Hero Day, Bow Wow Pow Wow, Banana Splits and Sundaes!

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Flipped PD

We are beginning to film exemplars for our bank. If you have something you would like to share, let us know!

The collaboration menu is in the Learning Academy.

There is also an incentive for participating in the Collaboration Menu. On the attachment, under each category, it tells you how many times you get your name in the drawing. At the end of each week, each teacher's name will go into the drawing for however many categories they have completed (it can be as many times as you do) and Cameron will draw 2 names for prizes such as: extended lunch, leaving an hour early, special parking spot, jeans day, etc. (IF YOU HAVE IDEAS FOR OTHER PRIZES THAT WE CAN GIVE AWAY, PLEASE LET ONE OF US KNOW AS WE ARE OPEN TO MORE SUGGESTIONS!)

If you create or complete a flipped PD, there will be a basket on Cameron's office door to which you will turn them in and one of the ILT members will sign off to give you credit.

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Bulldog Teacher of the Week- Dorsa Fahami

Ms. Fahami has done it again. She continues to go above and beyond for parent involvement. This week Ms. Fahami brought the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teams together with their parents to write letters to their students on STAAR day. The parents were so appreciative and it was a moving experience for all who came. Ms. Fahami consistently shows her love for students through well-planned lessons and through her appreciation for community involvement.