Penyu In The Dark Live Wallpaper

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Penyu In The Dark Live Wallpaper

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Product Features and FAQ:

Penyu In The Dark Live Wallpaper is high quality animated live wallpaper of the life of a sea turtle in underwater world.

Penyu (Sea turtle) is swimming and living just under the glass of your Android smartphone. The best part is you got to watch it growing bigger everyday and interact with it..

1. What is this Penyu in the Dark Live Wallpaper about?

Basically the sea turtle, where we call it 'Penyu' in this Live Wallpaper will stay and live on your phone screen. It will grow bigger everyday, from day 0 to day 10. It's amazing to see it grow under your care and make sure you do not miss the moment. Enjoy!

2. Can I make any interaction with the 'Penyu' ?

Yes, you can double-tap anywhere on the screen and it will generate a heat wave, 'Penyu' love it and will come out towards that. It's kinda fun, so remember to try that.

3. Is there any others sea creature in the Live Wallpaper beside the 'Penyu'?

Yes, it's the natural environment where there will be fish and shark. So watch out for the shark!

4. Is there any hidden Easter Egg surprise?

Ho ho ho, out after Day 10. Something will happen!

5. If I purchase this Live Wallpaper, what do I get?

Beside getting this amazing high quality animated live wallpaper, you basically also contributing in saving the real sea turtles. This is because we are going to donate 50% of our nett profit from each live wallpaper purchased to the selected local NGO to save some sea turtles.