The Ray Gun

(A must "wonder weapon" for survival for only $2,999 USD)

If your ever in a tight situation use this powerful interstellar ray gun powered by the rare element 115!

This powerful defense mechanism is great against hoards of whatever comes at you while you make a passing remark. With its splash damage it's great when you're being chased by zombies in a long corridor but its not advised to use it when there is a 3 foot radius between you and the target. Everyone will be having pathetic fallacies about your new defense mechanism. Heck you'll even become obsequious about your defense mechanism

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade!!!

We will abase the price for you!For only $999 USD more you can upgrade your ray gun and you can get the Ray Gun Mark 2!!! With even better range, mobility, and power why not buy this super deal! The deal gets even better because with this offer you get 3 containers full of 115 so you can enjoy your new defense mechanism for FREE!!!

Other Interstellar "Wonder Weapons"

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