To Kill a Mockingbird Themes

By Matt Eiben

The Inoccent Mockingbird Theme

The never kill a mockingbird theme is very important to the books theme. The first time this gets introduced in the story is when Jem and Scout get their BB-gun and want to shoot a mockingbird. Atticus tells them not to since it's a sin to kill one since all they do is give us music. The book also gives this analogy when Tom Robinson gets killed. When he is killed it's like killing a mockingbird because he did nothing. He didn't do anything what he was accused of and like the mockingbird gives us music he was trying to help Mayella with some of her chores she needed done. I also think you could make a connection to this when Bob Ewell is killed. I think this because he is the opposite of killing a mockingbird. He's not since he is the one that got Tom killed and being the scum of Maycomb so no tear was shed like it would be when Tom or a Mockingbird were killed.

Inequality of People in Maycomb Theme

This theme is big in the book. One scene that I remember that isn't a racial inequality is when Scout says he's just a Cunningham and Atticus has to teach her respect. Of course there is more of these like when Tom get's accused because he is black. Then after the trial and the jury is deciding the verdict but eventually finds him guilty since he is black that shows what it was like back then. Even people like Bob and the Cunningham's were treated better than black people that were ten times better people than them. During the trial the blacks have to sit up in the balcony because they thought they should sit in worse seats also and be separated. When Bob Ewell goes on about the black peoples houses next to his lowering his property since they're black is also showing the inequalities. The black people might have had nicer houses than his and for sure took more care of their yard than Bob but he is not questioned..

Morals of Growing up Theme

Atticus is a big part in showing Jem and Scout what is right and wrong. Some examples in this book are when Scout yells at Walter for using all the syrup on his supper so Atticus and Calpurnia have to tell her that since he's company he can do whatever he want and not be questioned. Another is when Scout says he's just a Cunningham and Atticus again has to teach her respect for all people. When the kids want to kill a mockingbird Atticus has to teach them to never kill anything that hasn't done anything wrong like a mockingbird. Atticus also makes them read to Ms. Dubose even though she may be an old mean hag. He does this to teach them to have respect for elders even if they don't give it back. This teaches them to always show respect and eventually they get something out of it. Jem and Scout end up missing reading to her.