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Sharing the Vision for the 2014-2015 School Year

As a child, one has that magical capacity to move among the many eras of the earth; to see the land as an animal does; to experience the sky from the perspective of a flower or a bee; to feel the earth quiver and breathe beneath us; to know a hundred different smells of mud and listen unselfconsciously to the soughing of the trees.-Valerie Andrews

Thank you for joining us this school year on our journey of togetherness as we connect with the students of TerraNichol Academy of the Arts while they are making connections with the natural world. As we provoke their natural curiosity and eagerness to discover, the desire to make sense of, and the instinct to explore, the teaching team will continue expanding the experiences, making meaningful observations, listening to what the students have to say both verbally and nonverbally, and documenting and reflecting on each experience presented. We are thrilled to share our ideas and provocations with not only the students but the parents as well. We encourage you to share the journey with us by expanding the learning experience at home, encouraging further project investigations, or sharing projects begun at home with our school family. We will begin our learning adventure this year with the following ideas and projects:

August and September

Welcome to School, Getting to Know Each other and Building Relationships, All About Me and the Community, Celebrating Peace, Gardening Workshop, Introduction to Loose Parts.


We believe that students should be given the opportunity to appreciate the arts. Our Enrichment program was designed with the idea that when exposed to the world of art and music at a young age students will continue to nurture a love and respect that will follow them into adulthood. Our program encourages interaction with the arts through exposure and presentation on a developmentally appropriate level. Our upcoming enrichments will take students on an adventure learning about the Artists Rembrandt, Frida Kahlo, Developing a Global peace project, enjoying classical and calming peace music, becoming acquainted with our Yoga Garden Sanctuary, steeping warm lavender and lemongrass tea to highlight. (Always refer to your Visual and Performing Arts Project Calendar and Enrichment Classes provided with your fall packet for a more complete list)

The Approach

Every child has a story to tell, and within that story is the secret to reaching her or him as a learner. Children's stories are windows into their uniqueness and clues on how to connect the child and the curriculum.-Herb Kohl

As early childhood educators and as parents the greatest gift that we have been given is the ability to listen to our children. Listening is a multi-step process which involves hearing/seeing the verbal and non verbal language, observing the environment, reading the child's emotions and reflecting on the entire experience. Each child has different prior knowledge, past experiences, likes and dislikes that are brought to the table for each project. As a result the same idea is never the same project from year to year or even from child to child. This creates an environment of diverse thinkers and doers and allows for individual needs to be met across the curriculum. Children feel supported in an environment that allows them to think, explore, and engage freely and without discrimination.

A Glimpse Forward

Calendar of Events

In a community of learning where parents are valued for their ideas, traditions and support it is important to know of the upcoming events and dates to participate in the vision.

August 2014

9th Back To School Bash 9am to 11am Buchan Park

11th First Day of School for Preschool and Extended VPK

18th First Day of School for VPK Only

23rd Community Event-Chalk Fest on Dearborn Street

September 2014

1st School Closed for Labor Day: Community Event Pioneer Day Parade (Dearborn Street)

3rd LolaBlue Art is Alive Soap Workshop (Fundraiser Kickoff) 9:30am

9th Dental Health Visit from Miss Amanda from Janoff and Khatri 9:30am

17th and 18th Bring in your family Peace Quilt Squares

18th Art Enrichment with Miss Nichole

21st International World Peace Day

October 2014

7th Lunch with a Loved One 11:00-11:30

24th School Closed for Teacher Professional Day: (Teachers Preparing Mid Year Checklists)

31st Wild Rumpus Story Day Community Event: SafeWalk on Dearborn Street

Back to School Bash

Saturday, Aug. 9th, 9-11am

Buchan Community Park 1390 Old Englewood Road Englewood FL

Families of TerraNichol Academy are invited to attend our annual Back to School Bash. Visit with our teaching team and our team of enrichment teachers, enjoy the organic milk and cookie bar, see our community garden plot, sign up for our parent volunteer co-op program, support local organizations donating their time to the event, and catch up on everyone's busy summers. Families interested in our program are encouraged to attend as well to meet our existing families and learn about TerraNichol Academy of the Arts. Open to the Public

With Every New Year Comes New Ideas

As each year concludes we begin our series of reflections. We thrive on constant evolution of ideas, continuous professional education and creating an inspiring environment. Here are a few things to look forward to this year.

-Parent Coffee and Bar-Yes this area is all for you. Relish in a warm cup of coffee or tea and sink your teeth into a quick snack provided for parents only at the Rock Room Coffee and Tea Bar. Take your cup of java outdoors to the parent area to enjoy a relaxing conversation with fellow parents or take it on the go for those days when you are hurried and scurried. We have to go cups, or reusable coffee cups that you may place into the provided wash bucket when finished. Enjoy!

-Pajama Party Fundraisers-Sign your child up for a night of pajamas, activities, and a pizza party at TerraNichol Academy while you head out for a few hours to enjoy some adult time! Sign up sheets will be out the month before the event. Pajama Night will be from 5pm to 7pm

-Lunch with a Loved One October 7th 11:00-11:30- A family member can pack a waste-free healthy lunch a lawn chair or picnic blanket and enjoy a relaxing lunch on our enchanting playscape with your favorite preschooler.

-Breakfast with a Loved One March 6th during morning drop off-Enjoy a morning nibble on our enchanting playscape with your favorite preschooler.

*both events were designed to offer an experience for family members to attend one or both by offering a morning and a lunch time option. We hope that you can attend.

-Let's Honor Nate's Honor Rescue: We have fallen in love with this organization and we are sure that you will too. Located out of Bradenton Nate's Honor Rescue is hugely successful in finding forever homes for dogs and cats. Like their page on Facebook to keep updated with the playful pups and kittens. We will be kicking off a supply drive in November to help this organization carry on its invaluable work!

-Horsepower for Hope: This year we will be encouraging all of our families to help raise funds for The Center for Buidling Hope to support cancer treatment plans, research. Horsepower for Hope will take place in Lakewood Ranch on Main Street on November 15th. There will be auto showings, autocross competitions, events for children. TerraNichol Academy will be sponsoring an custom bike athon around our bike path with proceeds to benefit The Center for Building Hope! Get your engines ready!!!!

Fundraisers to support Reggio Emelia (NAREA) Spring Conference

The Teaching Team at TerraNichol are members of the NAREA North American Reggio Emilia Alliance. Each year the organization offers Winter, Spring and Summer conferences for professional development. This year we would be honored to attend the Winter Conference in March in New York City titled Exploring Possibilities: Viewing All Children as Citizens, Researchers, and Innovators of the World. Supporting a curriculum and approach that is proactive, and progressive takes constant education on the behalf of the teaching team. Your participation in this years Fundraisers will help offset the cost of the conference.

You've Been Flocked: Flamingos will be on the loose this year as part of the You've Been Flocked Campaign. If you find a community of Flamingos on your front lawn and a ransom note you know that you have been Flocked by another TerraNichol Family! We are looking to get families and business involved in this fun campaign. The ransom note reads as follows: A Fundraiser is being conducted by TerraNichol Academy and this Flock of Pink Flamingos has gathered upon your property to roost! In case you didn't know this Plastic Pink Flamingos are very territorial and unless they are placed on someone else's lawn, they will roost on your property for a very long time. Removal of the Flock of Pink Plastic Lawn Flamingos should be attempted only by trained professionals. Fortunatley our Removal Technicians are highly skilled! Participates offer a donation to have the pesky pink flamingos moved off their property and submit a name for another willing family or business. More details will be provided at the Back To School Bash! So stop talkin' and start flockin'!

Collaborating with LolaBlue: The sweet and therapeutic smell of LolaBlue products will infuse the school again this year in two fundraisers. First the students will become connoisseurs of soap as they create a unique blend of Art is Alive soap during the soap making workshop in September. Each family will be sent home with a few bars to sell to family and friends. We will have a limited supply and they usually go like hot cakes! If you know that you would like more please let us know the first week of school so that we can prepare accordingly! The Art is Alive soap smell and feels fantastic and makes for a great gift. In November we will also be hosting a LolaBlue candle Fundraiser. These candles are paraffin free and smell AMAZING! Pick out your favorite scents and be sure to have co-workers, family, and friends place an order. Once you go Lola you never go back! These jar candles make great gifts for the holidays!

Buy A Brick Campaign: Families, Alumni, and Business Partners alike have the opportunity to purchase a commemorative personally engraved brick to be placed at our school. What better way to leave your family's legacy at TerraNichol Academy for years to come. To purchase a brick contact us at the school and we will send you an order form. We will also have a sample at Back to School Bash.

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Home to School Connection

You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents very time around-and why his parents will always wave back.-William Tammeus

We know that you are your child's first teacher, the hand they hold when nervous, the smile they want to see at the end of the day. We know that your child is your breath, your lifeline, and your purpose. We respect you as parents and as a family unit. Throughout the school year families are asked to participate in projects that extend from school to home allowing us to have a part of your family here at school. As educators we value the extension of education within the school and home. We hope that you are inspired to create meaningful projects with your child.

Our First Family Projects of the School Year

1. Design a map of your neighborhood. Include your home, places you visit as a family, and local areas. Be as creative as you see fit. You may choose to create a sketch, a collage or even a diorama. Get inspired as a family! Due to school by August 29th

2. Create a fabric square that represents what peace means to your family. Use fabric paint, markers, sew on appliqués, iron on transfers or whatever else inspires you! Be sure to include your family name. We will use the squares to create a peace quilt representing all of our TerraNichol Families. Fabric Squares should be approximately 8x8 inches in size. You do not need to put on any backing or trimming. (We will be looking for a volunteer to help assemble the quilt)

Creativi Bambini Play Group Every TUESDAY 6 week sessions from 9:30-11:30

AGES 2.5 TO 5 YRS.

Starts September 15th-October 21st 6-week session

Creativi Bambini Play Group Every TUESDAYS 9:30-11:30

Children will use their mind to imagine, their bodies to move and play, and their hands to create. The program is designed to supplement your child's day with play, socialization, introduction to preschool and the teaching team. Our goal is to design a play group experience that allows children the freedom to explore innovative ideas, and develop new friendships. Join us for an unforgettable play group.

Creating Life Long Learners Inspiring students to be excited to learn and explore is the main component of our developed curriculum and approach. Creating a community of life long learners is not only essential for individual success but also for the success of our world.

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