Legendary HR Smore

By: Laney Crawford

Good Example of Interview no. 2

Good interview

The interviewee was very good in managing the interview and talking about only things that related to how well he would do with the job and the experience he has. He is also very polite and keeps eye contact and a smile at all times,

Bad Interview

The interviewee was very non-descriptive of his past experiences and was also very rude to the interviewer. He was also very distracted and didn't manage the interview to make him look good and also took the interview away from the job.


One thing you should never do in an interview is cuss. Its highly inappropriate and disrespectful.

Showing Up Late

Showing up late is a definite no for an interview. This shows disrespect and a lack of want for the job.

No Cell Phones

Make sure to turn your cell phone off to ensure no distractions. Its also rude to your employer.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is necessary for a good interview. It shows you are really interested in everything that's happening and just good for communication anyways.

Dress Appropriately

Appropriate dress shows respect and professional skills. Your attire can set the tone for an interview so always dress appropriately.

Take Notes

Take notes after the interview so that you don't forget the important details of the interview.

High School Teacher Job Opening

The job opening of the high school teacher will include the responsibilities of supervising students within the classroom, developing lesson plans for educational benefit,

giving students instruction, and helping parents understand standards and their child's progress. The qualifications are that you must have an undergraduate degree in your subject area, then get a master's degree in education or complete a teacher certification program. The salary is $55,000 a year.