Rail roads

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In 1875 there were 1,650 miles of railroad track in Texas. The railroad system brought enormous benefits to Texans. The railroads system was really poor, but soon they fixed it up. The improvements to the railroads soon introduced streetcars. Streetcars made living in one place and working in another possible.

By the late 1800s were very exciting because there was a dramatic growth in a lot of different industries. Cottonseed oil contributed to the industrial growth in Texas. By the end of 1800s Texas industries was the second largest in the state.

Cottonseeds were made into many different products such as, salad oil, mayonnaise, cosmetics, furniture batting, and livestock feed.

steam engines were the first method of transportation for widespread use.

How it all begin

In the 1800´s railroad tracks grew rapidly due to many problems they had to move around, such as when the dirt on the roads were dry the weather,horses and wagons would pick up choking dust off the roads and when the roads were wet it made it impossable to cross thats why dirt roads weren´t so good and that leed to RAILROADS

Railway systems benefits

1.An increase in farming = Crops shipped to far markets

2.Increased settlers = In West Texans

3.Growth of railroad hub towns = Fort Worth,Houston,San Antonio

the railroad expansion

The state government donated more than 3 million acres to railroad developers ,but some railroads were constructed in the 1850's-1860's,but weren't used until 1970's. By 1875 there were 1650 miles of railroad track in Texas , and by the 1900's there were 10000 miles of track .The whole state of Texas was connected by railroads and the Little railroads were connected to the main rairoad track.

Fun Facts

In the late 1887 San Antonio had 49 miles of paved streets and some used mesquite trees as sidewalks to ,later there were Street cars and would run on steam or electricity. Street cars helped towns run faster and the people that lived in one área could work in another área.In 1878 colonel A.H: belo Publisher of Galveston News became the first Texan to have a Telephone.

All good has an end

With the Development of refrigerated railroad cars the meat packing industries grew rapidly in TX and the manufacturing of cotton seed,oil helped TX grow and it became one of the largest industries in the state. Texas came to a time were the mining of coal,salt,iorn and mining was not so good because the demand for coal droped in the 1900´s due to the development of oil and fuel.The population droped in mining towns and they became ghost towns(no body lived there).


The great depression was 29 years after the demand for coal droped and the demand for oil and fuel increased .It lasted from 1929 till 1939.The great depression was one of the deepest and longest lasting economic downturns in the history of industrialized world . It all began with the stock market crash .

The Railroad Expansion

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