Room 17 Newsletter

Read to see what's happening in Ms. Guerra's class


Hello Parents! This is our first classroom newsletter to let you know what we have been working in the classroom and what we will be working on. Our class newsletter will be emailed each month. Please take the time to read to see what units we are working on, how you can help at home, and upcoming dates.

We have fun in 3rd Grade!

What we are learning

Math: We will be finishing up our first unit on Place Value this week. Students will have a unit test this Wednesday. We will be reviewing in class and a review will be sent home for homework. Our next unit is Mental Math and Estimation, a note will be sent home to explain what we will be learning in this unit, as well as what you can do at home to help.

Reading: In reading we have been working on building reading stamina as well as how to use a reader's notebook to reflect on the books we are reading. We also visited the library for the first time last week. Acclerated Reader is not up and running yet, but soon students will be required to check out one AR book from the library that they will be expected to read in class and take a test. We will begin reading groups next week!

Our class read aloud is, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Ask your child to tell you about this book.

Writing: We have also been working on builiding our writing stamina. Our first unit is Personal Narratives. Students have been creating a list of important people and places in their lives to write about. They will complete one guided writing piece for this unit, as well as an independent piece.

Word Study: This week we will begin word study/spelling. Your child will be bringing home a list of ten words this week. The words will be based on a spelling pattern that we are learning for the week. For the first week all students will have the same list, then I will create 2-3 spelling groups. The first week we wil focus on word study management and in class activities. Students will be responsible for learning their 12 words, as well as 3 additional words that fit their pattern or rule for the week, but these words will not be sent home. Research has found that students often memorize words for a weekly test, and then promptly forget them the following week. The words that are not on their lists will allow me to determine how effectively your child is able to apply the word study pattern to new words. When working on spelling lists at home, have your child share with you what the pattern is, as well as what other words they know that could fit that pattern.

Life Science: In our first science unit we are learning about plants and animals, how they are classified, and how they adapt to their environments. For-Mar Nature Preserve Park will be visiting this week to teach us more about plants. We will also be going to the zoo to see the animals and look closely at thier special features that allow them to adapt to thier envirnonment.

Classroom Volunteers: I have started to work on a classroom volunteer schedule that I am hoping to begin next week. If you signed up to volunteer in the classroom at open house, I will be sending a note home that includes a day and time. You can let me know through email if you are still interested and available.Right now, I have 13 parents on my list of volunteers, which is outstanding! I will try to be consistent with what you will be working on when you come in, however, some days the schedules may change.

Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, September 30, Math Test
  • Friday, October 2 Detroit Zoo field trip
  • Thursday, October 8 Hungry Howie's Fundraiser Night
  • Friday, October 9 Troubadors Assembly
  • Tuesday, October 13 PTO meeting @6:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, October 14, 1/2 day, dismissal at 11:55 p.m.
  • Friday, October 16, popcorn day