Densities of Three solids

Kirkpatrick- 6th Period

Guiding Question

Determine the densities of three solids in order to identify what substance they are.


Density is the degree of compactness of a substance. It is found by taking the mass of a given substance and dividing it by the volume of that structure. Different materials have specific densities that can help you discover the type of material you have. In this lab, you will discover the densities of three solids in order to identify what substance they are. For this, you will have three different materials and you will use the formula mass/volume to identify the density of the unknown material. You will then use the chart to find the material that you have measured and compare its density with the the density of the other materials. This lab is useful because it allows you to analyze and compare the densities of multiple materials.


  • Three given unknown materials
  • 100 mL of water
  • Triple Beam Balance
  • Graduated Cylinder
  • Density Chart

Density Chart

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Use three items from the list above when doing this experiment and refer back to it when needed.

Safety Procedures and Equipment



  1. Obtain one of the three unknown materials.
  2. Place the obtained material onto the triple beam balance and record material's mass.
  3. Place the same unknown material into the graduated cylinder filled with the 100 mL of water and record the volume of the material.
  4. Use the formula (mass/volume) to find the density of the unknown material.
  5. Identify the given material using the density chart and label it along with a sketch of the material.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 with the remaining two unknown materials.
  7. Once done recording all data, clean all equipment and your work area.