How To Make Mangu

By: Elyssa Martinez


We all have that one Dominican friend that only seems to eat Mangu. You've tried and it was really good. You are craving it and to most, it's a good thing. The only problem is, you don't know how to make it. Fear not, for I have got the solution for you. You can eat this dish any time of day. This is how to make Dominican Mangu.

Step 1- Preperation

Gather the necessary supplies so your not running around the kitchen dropping things, making a mess with flour all over the place. You will need:

  • Green Plantains
  • Margarine/Butter
  • Cheese (optional)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs (optional)
  • Your favorite brand of Salami
  • A Fork

Now that you have your supplies, you need to cut your plantains. Cut off both ends of the plantain. Cut the plantain just enough to get under the skin. Put in under warm running water and peel off the skin. Once you have peeled your plantain, cut it in half width wise. Then take both pieces and cut it in half again length wise. Then put the plantains in a pot of water, add some salt and wait.
Big image

Step 2-Mashing

Once the plantains have become tender, but slightly firm (or your desired tenderness) we are ready to take them out. ***Make sure to save the water they are in*** Then take two of the plantains out of the pot and place them on a big plate. Take a fork and mash them up. Take a spoon and put a couple of spoonfuls of the boiled water on top of your mashed plantains and don't forget to add a teaspoon of margarine or butter. Continue the pattern. When you have mashed most of the plantains, place your cheese and hard boiled eggs (If you are not adding either this part is not important) on top of the already mashed plantains and continue mashing the rest of the plantains.

Step 3- The Salami

Once your done mashing your plantains, cut your salami in how ever many slices you want and place them in the frying pan. After 30 seconds flip them over and wait another 30 seconds. When they are evenly cooked on both sides, place them on top of your mangu.
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Now that I have shown you the Dominican Way of making Mangu, I hope you will tell others. If you have If this goes around we can control the world Mwahahahahaha (Just kidding). Scroll down and you will find a song about plantains with salami.


Platano Con Salami - Merengue - DJ Redder - Intro Outro - 172 BPM by DJRedderNYC