Once a Griffin, Always a Griffin!

Dr. Tim Glover's Welcome Back Message



G reet everyone with respect.

R espond to adversity with GRIT!

I mmerse themselves in learning.

F ocus on being calm and cool!

F ollow their shot to the trash can!

I Pads are used as educational tools.

N ever ever give up!

W ill be College and Career Ready.

A cknowledge positive behaviors (4:1 Challenge)

Y earn to learn beyond the bell!


Monday, July 28

Students take STAR Reading Test through PE Classes- Bryan

Order of College T-Shirt Starts! Garcia (ASB)

Library closed per 5 and Advisory unless pre-arranged

Tuesday, July 29

Students take STAR Reading Test through PE Classes- Howard

Johnson Out All Day

Library closed per 5 and Advisory unless pre-arranged

Wednesday, July 30

Students take STAR Reading Test through PE Classes- Valdivia

9th grade Science in library- Galleher

ASB Leadership Mtg w/Garcia @7:25am-8am in Conf Rm

College Awareness!

Student and Staff College T-Shirt Day!

Library closed per 5 and Advisory unless pre-arranged

Thursday, July 31

8th grade Science in library- Galleher

All School Club Representative Mtg w/ Garcia during lunch in Rm 601

Library closed per 5 and advisory unless pre-arranged

Friday, August 1

PLC- Shortened Day (8:15am-2pm)

Non-Uniform for taking STAR reading test

Calendar Mtg 8:30am @ Conf Rm

Library closed per. 5 and Advisory unless pre-arranged

Saturday, August 2

Saturday GAP 8-12pm @ Cafeteria

August 1 PLC with Course Alike

PLC template will be sent by Wednesday.


Area / Teacher

ASB lines..................................Carmody

QUAD ....................................... Douglas

Cafe Windows......................... Marin

Inside Cafeteria...................... Grant

N. Cafeteria Line......................Gavilanes

9th grade lawn....................... Sanchez

Weekly Tutoring





FRIDAY.....................ANY DEPARTMENT

College Awareness Wednesday

Beginning this WEDNESDAY, all staff and students are encouraged to wear their college gear. Students can wear a college t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie.
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As we continue with walkthrough observations, we will be focusing on Daily Learning Targets and Structured Student Interactions.
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STAFF RESPONSES from TODAY'S MEET Preservice Activity


Support ASB - by Tony

It's too nice outside to be working by LB

Holla Griffins! by Tovar

Summer is still here! by SUPERGIRL

Hello by Marin

183 days to go by Stuart

Great to be back! by Scott

Great smile! by citlalli

Is the master schedule the same? by Laura

Thanks for the coffee and eats! by Daniel

Nice highlights Citlali :) by Tovar

Barona!!!! by Ms. J

What about tutoring? by Marin

Peaceful day by Rachel

Like mini videos by Maria

Where r we going 4 lunch by karen

We weren't told to complete every ? On the SBAC! by Laura

Whatever MM says by SUPERGIRL


Getting the calendar done for semester by Marin

PLC: continue to use the time effectively. by Scott

Calendars, CFAs, developing new projects and labs :) by Tracy Seiler

Redo the bio curriculum to add local conservation to each unit. by Stuart

What are we working on today? by Ausbert

Share stategies by Rachel

Transitions between three grade levels of English focusing on writing. by karen

Going 100% digital by Chano

I heard short days are different this year by Marc

PLCs are essential can we avoid the to-do list agendas? by Daniel

CCS by Ausbert

PLCs allow us to individually target needs & work together to meet them. by Lee Clark

Start off the year using "pick me" app to ask questions and learn every name- connect w students! by Maria

PLCs-THE forum to enact plans for student learning. (See you there Pat!) by Lora

Great everyone is on the same page. by Marin


More reflective questioning by Tony

How long after we adopt common language will it all change again? by Scott

Agree w reflective q's by karen

Collaboration at Granger is great! by Ausbert


Computer love!9:19am, Mon, Jul 21, 2014 by Tony

Are we getting MS word app? by Marc

Having trouble getting past augmentation by karen

SAMR is great. Need to move on Marin

I like to use it for independent projects, ie PREZIby Stuart

iDEA pad! by Lee Clark

Use iPad to blog or be the author of a book by Maria

When Miguel gives it his seal of approval, I will go with it. by Scott

Trying to stay consistent with SAMR throughout the whole year by Tracy Seiler

I think we set the foundation for augmentation and expanding to be done this year! by Ausbert

If kids have iMovie they can use it to summarize a unit by Maria

Work in progress w /Vero by Lorena

Great way to track our tech use by Laura

What is vero? by Karen D

Paramount by Marin

Ms gutierrez by Lorena


I hate those word crimes by Laura

I ain't not to guy at litteracie by Stuart

It's not just for ELA teachers anymore by Marc

Lots of repetition og by Lee Clark

At hilltop middle their AR grade is 10% of their English grade, so all kids read by Maria

Utilize web based historical essays. by Tony

Knowing how to strategize is my primary task. by Scott

Literacy=the common core by Daniel

Cross curricular by karen

Literacy is the base, so working on it is so Ausbert

Detrimental to success by Tracy

Important! by Laura

Use more student interaction and apps by Rachel

Annotate that vocabulary by Laura

More science articles by Stuart

Ask your kids to take the star test in advisory first week of school by Maria

The best way build student literacy is to allow students time to read for pleasure and to give them choice. by Karen D


Alternative to Biology?by Stuart

Mastery learning! If they fail a quiz, re teach and re quiz by Maria

get parents involved and responsible by Rachel

One year of Vapa is required....MORE than one should be encouraged! by Brett

Walk your your students through it a bit! by Ausbert

Granger already offers multiple opportunities for A-G. How do we get more students involved?by Scott

Let me know if AVID can help support by Chano

Looking at 9th grader grade performance and develop a plan for A' and B's and say no to C' Tony

A-G great for those college bound. by Marin

Take care of students ditching ADV. by Daniel

Bring a counselor to the classroom and have a discussion on the importance of it. by Ausbert

Awesome by Marin


is another career pathway by Maria

Go beyond volunteering at the school!!! by karen

Community garden by Chano

It will help students become passionate by Maria

Olivewood gardens! by CB

have our A's and B's students help in AEC as community service by Ms. J

Can we start a Study Buddies program where 9th graders help elementary kids with their HW? by Tracy

Help the students get started with coomm serv, creating opportunities. by Ausbert

Students MUST get their activity pre-approved by their 9th grade social science teacher by Scott

Invite nonprofits to career day by Marc

Prioritize in order to reach that goal - show what to toss, to edit, so that the overwhelm of researching & writing doesn't stymie them. by Lee Clark

I want to add Citizen Science components to Bio. Beach Cleanups, invasive plant eradication, by Stuart

Start early! Don't wait until 9th grade. Service to others helps them be less selfish by Maria

Start EARLY!! by Lee Clark

Saturday community service....maybe sports day for elementary kids with 9th gr as mentors by Lorena

Does high schoolers coming down to tutor our kids count? by Brett

Helps to alleviate the entitlement issue by Lee Clark

When you give to others you become more grateful by Maria

students can tutor during saturday GAP for community service by Ms. J

Short days could allow students to participate on elementary campuses by Lee Clark


Connections! Getting to know your students by Maria

Dash for trash...follow your shot to the trash can community. by Tony

practice. Practice, practice. by Ausbert

Single word terms by Stuart

Can we each get big laminated Griffin Way posters for our rooms? by Tracy

Know every student by name by Maria

Positive! by Rachel

Keep up our high standards through the year. Uniforms by karen

Videos by Chano

Adults should model the Griffin way everyday! by Daniel

happy thoughts by Ms. J

Greet your kids by Maria

Reach out to struggling students' and parents by Marc

Stay calm. by Maria

Please - no more fresh fruit & unopened milk/ juice in trash cans.9:32am, by Lee Clark

Give consequences with out anger by Maria

Link crew is GREAT! by Scott

Defeat Adversity with GRIT! by Tony

Agreed! Lee. Why can we encourage them to give it away instead? by CB

be consistent to the 4 to 1. by Ms. J

4 to 1