The Tar Pamlico!

River Basin in North Carolina

What and Where?

The majority of the basin falls within Eastern North Carolina and is 100% within the state. 2,521 miles of rivers and streams are part of the basin. 472,229 people live inside the basin as of 2010. Includes Lake Mattamuskeet, which is the largest natural lake in NC. Headwaters are located in the Northern Piedmont Region. The mouth is located in the Pamlico Sound

What Lives There?

Some common plants in the basin are the Bald Cypress and the Longleaf Pine. Tundra Swan and Osprey also live in the basin. 17 species of rare mussels live in the water and the wooded areas are home to the endangered Red Wolf.

What's Important?

Located inside the basin are:

Lake Mattamuskeet- Largest natural lake in NC

Fox Pond- An important breeding ground for fish

Pocosin Lakes- Natural resivoirs and breeding ground for birds

Beaufort- A town big in the fishing industry located on the coast

Hyde- A large city located in the basin

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White Perch

A fish that lives and breeds in the waters of the basin
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Longleaf Pine

An evergreen that lives in the wooded areas near the waters of the basin


NPS are runoff from farmland waters and waste from nearby timber operations. To fix this, filter all the runoff from these places or gather it, treat it, then put it in the river. Point Sources are Municipal Treatment Plants that release waste into waters. To fix this, filter all water and chemicals going into the waters. Another Point Source is "Phantom" microbes that poison the water to kill fish. To fix this, clean the water to help remove some of the microbes to prevent or lessen fish deaths.