Grab Your Horse and Gallop to Texas

Come and enjoy the life of a Texan

Texas is amazing!

When you come to the state of Texas you will discover the greatness of this land. Our land is very cheap, not overly expensive. Taxes is non-existences in the state of Texas. We are firm believers in Catholic religion, and state rights. Texas is the land of the free; we believe In a democracy! So come down to Texas!

About Texas:

Many settlers come to Texas to buy our plentiful and inexpensive land. By contrast, land in Texas can be bought for 12.5 cents per acre and paid out over several years. We have fish in the streams and animals in the forest, food is plentiful for skilled hunters. When you come to Texas we provide materials to build homes. You will love were-ever you live, when you come to Texas.

Requirement of Colonists-

When you apply for land grants , you have to agree to become Catholic. Texas has no real education system, so your children can be home schooled.