The hydraulics crane

By: Rajanbir, Devinder, Reuben

Our project


- Popsiclesticks

- glue gun

- stinges

- tubes

- small stick

- tape

our Hydraulics project ( crane )

- our projects purpose is to lift the crane up. So basically what we need to do in order to lift our crane is by using stinges and tube. So we are going to use tape to connect the singes on to the crane then we are going to connect the tube with the stinges and we are going to add water into the tube and stinges in order to compress ( lift ) our crane. So like I said add water into the stinges and tube and connect it with the crane so that it will lift.

How we felt about our project

we put a lot of effort into our project and we thought that we did a good job doing our project but we should have made our project a little bigger and adding some more materials to our project so that we could reach up to a level 4. I think we deserve a 3- because like I said before we should have used a little more materials and used class time a little better.

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