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Chef MIller


Happy November for the rest of this month we will focus on Aimsweb,Intervention, and guided reading/centers. Listed below are some suggestions of how I may assist you and tips you could use in the classroom!

Guided Reading/Intervention Tips

Guided Reading- Analyzing running records will help you be strategic at the guided reading table. What does MSV really mean? Meaning- The student looks at the picture to think about what may "fit" in the context. The reader thinks about the primary meaning of the text and thinks: "What would make sense?" Structure- The student thinks: "would it sound right to say it that way?" The structure of the text (up to and including the substitution) should follow acceptable English Language construction. Visual The student thinks: "Does it look like the word in the text?" The student notices what the letters and words look like. Reading intervention can be challenging if you're unsure of what to put in the centers. To have a successful Reading Intervention make sure you are targeting Word Solving, Fluency, and Comprehension. All of these centers can be differentiated! Come see me for more details.

Morning Meeting Ideas!

Allow students to have a voice and choice! Have a sign up chart and let students pick which day they want to share with the class. This ensures that everyone gets to share just not on the same day. Want to incorporate math into your morning meetings come by I have a book for that!

Making it Make Sense, with Number Sense!

Try some of these routines!

  • Quick images using dot cards: Visualizing amounts, subitizing, using groups and combining groups to figure out "how many"
  • Ten-frames: Grouping, Using ten structure and five structure, composing and decomposing ten, teen numbers, part-part-whole ideas
  • Rekenrek: Grouping, Using ten structure and five structure, composing and decomposing 20, teen numbers, part-part-whole ideas
  • Ways to make a number: Thinking flexibly about numbers, composing and decomposing numbers, place value understanding, base ten and regrouping ideas, relationships among ones, tens, and hundreds
  • Today's Number: understanding numbers embedded in various contexts, numbers' relationships to 10 and 100, grouping ideas