Welcome to Saturn!

The planet vacation of your dreams!

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Welcome to Saturn!

If your looking for an intergalactic vacation, then you've come to the right planet. Saturn includes many hotels including "The Ring," "The Gas Giant," and "The Starry Sky." It also includes many restaurants and activities for the younger people in your life.

What should you wear while you stay here?

Saturn is -168°C. When visiting our lovely plant, make sure to wear extremely warm clothes and bring about 10 blankets. It can get pretty cold at night.

Space Race

Saturday, Oct. 17th, 10am to Sunday, Oct. 18th, 10am

Saturn's rings

Make sure to cheer on your favorite racer! The prize is 4 tickets to Titan. If you are uneasy around rough terrain or zero gravity, this race may not be for you. This is a race for experienced space racers.

Planet Vacation Co.

If you enjoyed your stay at the beautiful Saturn, make sure to visit our other planets, including Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury.