Foods and Recipes - 16th Century

"What do you want to eat?" "I don't know."

What to Eat?

Foods represented the economic status of an individual. Foods that came from the ground were only considered fit for the poor. Only vegetables such as onions, rape, and garlic graced a noble's table. They also used food dyes to make the appearance more appealing. Many recipes were influenced by Eastern cooking, particularly with the use of spices.

If you did not wake up early enough you did not eat breakfast. What we call lunch is what they call dinner, and dinner with supper.


Some recipes included plants, herbs, and roots, such as avens, borage, and laver.

There were many different types of recipes during the 16th century, which included:

  • Boiled Rabbits
  • Red Deer Pie
  • Potato Pie
  • Broth
They also had desserts:
  • Orange Pudding
  • Cabbage Cream
  • Rock Candy
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