Marius The Great

Man Of The Army!

Marius and his life

 He was born near the town of Arpinum in latum.  He first served in Spain Marius was essentially a military man. He married a woman named Julia.  

Marius and his milatary life

He sent forces to protect the colonies there. Marius offered glory, adventure, and riches that they never have been promised before. This was a landmark in roman history. In 105 b.c under the command of caepo and Marius they suffered defeat against the barbarians. It was the 10th worst setback in roman history. Later Marius and his army of mercenaries defeted the men to the north. 

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Marius and his political life

Soon a man named Satuminus a brutal politician opponent discharged Marius and his army. Marius wanted to repay his troops for the hard work, so he made a law that veterans could get land after they have served. Marius arrested one of his political allies for crimes against the empire. Later a mob broke into his cell and was lynched.  

By: Gabe