Marbury vs. Madison

First Major Judaical Decision of Congress

Importance of Marbury vs. Madison Case

Marbury vs. Madison, was one of the most important decisions in U.S. judicial history, because it gave the ability to the Supreme Court to judge if the constitutional rights of the president or Congress. It gave the Supreme Court the ability to make sure that the President, and Congress are following the Constitution and not going against it doing their own thing.

Background Information.

In 1803 William Marbury was supposed to be commissioned as Justice of the Peace of District of Columbia, but he was denied his job towards the end of John Adams' presidential term.

-In 1801 John Marshall was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He held that position until his death in 1835. He helped form the basic understanding of the powers that the rest of the federal government has. He believed that the national government should have more powers than that of the state government.

Marbury Vs. Madison

-John Marshall was in charge of making the decision as Chief Justice

-Marshall used this case to make it clear on what each branch of government can and cannot do. This was targeted towards the federal government.

-The commissions were approved by the Senate, signed by the president, and affixed with the official seal of the government. Marshall decided that Marbury was denied his commission. This caused Marbury to take up his case with the supreme court.

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