Champangne Castle

Survival Guide for Champangne Castle

Location, Geography, and Climate

Champagne Castle is located at South America. Champagne Castle is a mountain so the geography is rocky. The temperature here is different then it is there when its summer there its winter here and when its winter there is summer here. The average temperature in the June is 9.2 degrees Celsius and in January were the temperature warm its 19.5 degrees Celsius . The higher you go up the mountain the cooler it will get, but the temperature at the bottom is temperate.

Steps in order to survive

The first thing you need to is to find i place to spend the night look for a cave to stay in for the night. After you have found a place to stay over night you need to gather up all the things you well need such as water and food. You might want to built a fire to keep animals away so they won't attack you. The next day continue you journey out of the mountain.

Animals that roam the area

3 animals you may find in your journey out of this place are animals such as elephants, lions, and zebras. Zebras are usually hunted by lion so if you can find a died zebra you may be able to eat it. A zebra may not seem dangerous but I would be careful just in case.
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plants that can be found at Champagne castle

Plants that can be found here are plants catha edulis, calopis paniculati, ekeburgia capenis. The capenis plant can help you get food.