Tom Cox Library:

Get Ready to Check Out Some Books & Read:)

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Library Check-Out Overview

Summer Hours

The invitation for new, current or last year's Tom Cox students to use the Tom Cox library continues each Wednesday from 9AM to 1PM through July 26th. If you have books checked out, please make sure to return them before the beginning of school to Tom Cox.


Sora is provided by the district. This is an online, digital & audio book collection curated and managed by CISD. If you would would like to access this growing resource, your child can access this collection by going to the CISD SSO. Students should use their Canvas login and then look for the tile called SORA.

Students coming from an elementary or going to a new campus will only have access to their old campus until the librarian helps them adjust their login to reflect the past school. This still allows student login, but delays access to the new campus' collection until after school starts.

Sora login info is available from the SORA section found below in this news letter.

Library visits when school begins:

When school begins, each language arts class will have an assigned time to visit the library. At this time, a bi-weekly schedule is in place, however students are welcome to visit the library during open library times using a pass obtained from their teacher. Students may visit during an ELA class and may also visit the library when it works with the structure of the class they are in.

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Tom Cox Library Check out Policy

When will my child be able to go to the library?

* Students will visit the library every other week with their ELA class.

* Students may visit the library between scheduled class-library visits by obtaining a library pass from their teacher during an appropriate time determined by the classroom teacher.

* Possible additional time as determined by the 2022/23 schedule. Students will be notified during the first library visit and the library open times will be posted on the library doors.

How many books can my child check out?

Students coming from another campus may have past-due books on their account. While we encourage our students to look for and return any missing books, all students begin their time with check-out privileges at Tom Cox. Any student with past due books from a previous campus will need to check out with the librarian.

This year we will pilot a new general library checkout policy for Tom Cox. This will allow students to have unlimited library checkouts. Our goal is for students to READ and we hope to remove some of the pressure students may feel when checking out books.

So, the only rules for checkout for this school year will be:

1. Must be able to carry the books checked out

2. If a book is overdue- student is limited to one checkout


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What is SORA

Sora is an online library curated and managed by CISD. It functions similar to the public library's online checkout system, except students use their SSO login credentials. Students have access to books determined suitable for their age range only. These checkouts are in addition to the school library checkouts. Happy Reading!!!!
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Want to volunteer in the library?

The library is the best place to volunteer. If you are patient and kind, would like to learn more about our library, if you like to organize, learn basic book repair, help with display crafts, connect with students, help with book fairs, etc., this place is for you. The first step is to complete the district volunteer form found at this link: .

The second step is to sign up to volunteer using this form As soon as school schedule details are complete, you will be contacted. Thank you in advance for serving our students in the library.

Summer Reading Bingo Reminder

Reminders about Summer Bingo:

  • First & last name must be on form.
  • All bingos are due by Wednesday, August 17th. No More Bingos accepted after this day.
  • Each box must have title of book read & parent's initials.
  • Each bingo= entry in vending machine coin drawing
  • Blackout = $10 to spend at 1st book fair 2022/23 + chance to win coin
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Book Fairs at Tom Cox

Each year we have 2 book fair opportunities along with an extra mid year event hosted by the book company. Handouts, social media, newsletters, signage, etc. will alert students and families to these events.

We will host our first book-fair early in the school year. It is currently scheduled for September 9-16. As of now, we expect these to be our dates, but please know that the beginning of the year is still developing. Stay tuned for updates and information on our first fair. Additionally, this is a great time to volunteer - we would love to have you.

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Suggest a book - purchase consideration

Students, parents and staff are invited to make recommendations for library book purchases. Recommendations are given first priority when purchasing for the library. Each suggestion is reviewed for library appropriateness and if determined fitting, may be added to the TC collection.
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Battle With Heart- a TC book club with excitement!

Battle With Heart, is now in its 4th year. This is a club that meets during lunches and culminates in December for the Fall season and in April/May for the Spring season. Sign-ups will happen in the library and interested students should look for info graphics posted in the library windows and listen to morning announcements for signup information.

Students who choose to participate and signup will meet two to three times a month in the library where they will eat lunch with their group. Each month, groups will rotate through the four books which have been selected by the BWH committee.

BWH details will be available soon after school starts.

More Happy Reading!!!