T h e G e o r g i a C o a s t

by -- n a t a l i e && r o s e

T h e G e o r g i a C o a s t

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5 Day Vacation to the Georgia Coast!!!

................// we already have everything planned out.. sorry not sorry c: // .......................

Hotel: Ballastone Inn

Address: 14 East Oglethorpe Avenue, Savannah, GA 31401

Contact: 912-236-1484

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Beach, Day 1

You arrive in Savannah by driving there and you will arrive at 11:00 AM, then check in to the Ballastone Inn and head directly to the beach and stay at the beach untill 1:00.
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Lunch: Joe's Homemade Cafe

Address: 5515 B Waters Avenue at 70th St, Savannah, GA 31405
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Forsyth Park

You will arrive at Forsyth Park at 2:30 and stay untill 4:30, then you will drive to Huey's on The River for dinner and will arrive at Huey's at 5:30. Huey's address: 115 E River St
Savannah,GA, 31401

Ghost Tour: Sixth Sense Savannah

Phone Number: 912- 289-1990

you will most likely go to the Sorrel Weed House.

You will be finished with the ghost tour at 9:00, then you will go back to your hotel to sleep.
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Day 2

You will wake up at 8:00, then have breakfast at the hotel, then you will go to Fort Jackson at 9:30.
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You will stay at Fort Jackson untill 12:00, then will go have lunch at Domino's Pizza until 1:30.
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At 2:00 you will arrive at The First African Baptist Church and will learn about it until 4:00, then you will go on a Trolley tour of Savannah until 5:30, then you have dinner at The Melting Pot until 7:00, then you will go back to the hotel to unwind after a long day.

Day 3

You will wake up at 10:00, and will eat breakfast until 11:30. You will arrive at the Railroad museum at 12:00 and will tour until 1:00, then you will eat lunch at Vic's on the River until 2:30. You will go to the birth place of Juliette Gordon Low, stay until 4:30. Then you will go to river street until 6:00. You will eat dinner at Sweet Spice (Jamaican Food) until 8:30. Then you will return back to your hotel and you will have the liberty of chilling by the pool or going to sleep.

Day 4

You will wake up at 11:00 and then you will eat breakfast at your hotel and then you will go to the beach (because you need to tan c: ), and stay their until 1:00, you will eat lunch at Wiley's Championship BBQ until 2:30 and then you play golf until 5:00 at the Southbridge Golf Club. You will then eat at Alure for dinner until 6:30. Then you will go back to your hotel to unwind.
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Day 5

You will wake up at 11:00, then you will have breakfast at the hotel, then you will go to Oglethorpe Mall and shop until 1:30, then you eat in the food court until 2:30. Then you will go on a bike ride and get ice cream at Leopold's Ice cream until 4:00, then you pack up your suitcase and drive back home.
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