Nicole's Shopping Spree

By: Nicole Obialo

Forever 21

My first stop was Forever 21 I bought a leather jacket for $35.00 and a few nail polishes for $2.50 each. I ended up paying $43.00 before tax. How much nail polishes did I buy?
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My next step was Nordstrom. I didn't want to spend no more than $50 here. I wanted to buy a blouse for $10.50, and a couple of knee-high socks for $10.00 each. How many knee- high socks could I buy before tax?
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Nike or Underamor

I wanted to see whether Underamor or Nike was cheaper to buy workout pants from. At Nike their pants were $30.00 each and since she has a rewards card she got $5.00 off. At Underamor the pants were $29.00 each minus the $3.00 from the rewards card she had there also. How many pants do I have to buy to where the store prices will cost the same?
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I then went to Sephoras and got 2 more nail polishes. I also bought 2 lip sticks that were $6.00 each. I used my coupon and got $7.00 off my whole purchase. My total was $20.00. How much was each nail polish?
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