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Nampa Summer 2015

Its Coming! Have you sent your RSVP?

The 2015 Nampa Alumni BBQ is almost here! Make sure you have marked your calendars and RSVP'd to the 2015 Nampa Alumni BBQ. Come for a chance to reconnect with fellow grads and SHC staff and faculty. Lots of delicious food, fun games and amazing prizes! Don't miss out!

Contact Dawn Soran to RSVP or for questions or 208-467-0501 x1618


Become Involved, Stay Involved

There are many opportunities to remain involved with your school. Share your success story, be a Volunteer at Stevens Henager sponsored events or even a guest speaker in one of the classes. Take the time to share your knowledge and experiences to help others complete their programs and experience success.

Contact Dawn Soran 208-467-0501 x1618 or
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From the Associate Dean's Desk

A group of outstanding students from our PRG 101 course took on a service-learning/community service project working with veterans. This endeavor was inspired by an initiative from the Library of Congress that’s been documenting veterans through writings, videos, interviews, etc. In support of this initiative, the PRG101 class decided to create a blog of veterans in Boise.

Here is the link to this amazing blog:

Here at Stevens-Henager, we are dedicated to keep this blog going, so we encourage anyone that knows of a veteran to contact us so we can interview them and add them to our veterans’ blog. Keep checking the blog, as we hope to incorporate new interviews as much as possible!

~Dr. Sass


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Success Story!

Just want to thank the whole staff at Stevens-Henager for the chance to better myself. You see I graduated from high school in 1984 and did what everyone else did at that point, found a job by joining the Unites States Army. After # of years I got out of the service, got married and started a family. Several years passed and I started to wonder why I could not do better for myself and family. I was unemployed at this time so I went in and talked to a counselor at the school. I was very impressed so signed up for the Medical Specialties Program. It was strange at first, being the oldest person in the class, sometimes older then the teacher, but the staff and other students made me feel wanted. The instructors took the time to make sure I understood what was being taught.

With the knowledge that I learned from the school in the Medical Specialties Program, I was able to do my externship at the Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center. After graduating from Stevens-Henager with an Associate Degree in Medical Specialties, I applied for a position with the VA. This past June I was hired on at the VA. My official title is Medical Support Assistant, where I am in charge of 5 areas. I make sure the nursing staff is following the doctors’ orders of giving meds to the patient, the doctors are writing the right meds, and orders are in place for treatment.

Without Stevens-Henager giving me the education that I needed I would not be a Federal Employee with great benefits and most of all the ability to be able to support my family the way I want to. So for that I am very grateful for what Stevens-Henager College and the staff did for my me and my family.

Thank You

Mark Flowers MSA, MA

Ward Clerk 2MS, 2P, SDU, ICU, CLC

Stevens Henager is Busy this Summer!

June 19 Fantastic 4 Movie Release at Edwards in Nampa - Come join us!

June 19 Game night - Are you a gamer? Watch Facebook for more information

June 26 Silver Screen Nampa Summer Movies—SHC sponsor-Paddington Movie

June 27 Yard Sale at Karcher Mall 8-4

July 10 - Aug 21 Carwash in SHC parking lot

Aug 7 Assassins Creed Movie Release Edwards Theater in Nampa -

Come join us!

Aug 8, 9 Art Festival - Visit us at our booth

Aug 14 Game Night Are you a gamer? Watch Facebook for more information

2015 Commencement Celebration

We had a wonderful 2015 Commencement Celebration. Congratulations to all of the recent graduates! We appreciate the opportunity to celebrate your successes with you!

Got Certs?

NCCT Certification Bootcamps

Still need to obtain certifications? Here are some opportunities to help you prepare:

NCCT Certification Boot Camps Nampa Location
  • June 2nd Boot Camp 3:00-6:00pm
  • June 5th Boot Camp 1:00-4:00pm
  • July 10th Boot Camp 1:00-3:00pm
  • July 18th NCCT Testing 10:00-1:00pm
  • Sept 11th Boot Camp 1:00-3:00pm
  • Sept 19th NCCT Testing 10:00-1:00pm
  • Nov 13th Boot Camp 1:00-3:00pm
  • Nov 21st NCCT Testing 10:00-1:00pm

Not a graduate of the medical program? The Associate Deans for the Business and Computer Science programs will help set you up with assistance to prepare for your certifications as well! Please contact Dawn to help connect you to your Associate Dean.

Questions? Contact Dawn Soran 208-467-0507 x1618
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Continued Learning Opportunities

Soft Skills Seminars 2015

We recently hosted Aaron Olson, Senior Recruiter from St Luke's onto campus to discuss Social Media and how it can help and/or hurt your job search. Aaron discussed that anyone searching for a new job should have a Linkedin presence. Recruiters will be looking for you on Linkedin so get one today!

Facebook should be utilized in a very careful manner as what you post can haunt you for a very long time!

Twitter will give you the opportunity to learn the organizational and industry language. This will help you to communicate better with your future employer!

Next Soft Skills Workshop: Financial Responsibility by Lindsey Pontious

Watch your email and Facebook for the next Soft Skills Workshop the end of June! We will be hosting Lindsey Pontious from Key Bank to speak about Financial Responsibility in the face of an irresponsible world. You will have two different sessions to choose from 11:30am or 6:00 pm.

Please contact Dawn Soran 208-467-0501 x1618
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From Career Services

How To End An Interview On A Strong Note, Learn the art of questions that leave them wanting more

Rhona Bronson Jan 16th 2015 10:00AM

There are many tricks to a strong interview, but the one most frequently overlooked and underutilized is the final question. This is rarely the question an interviewer asks you. Instead, it's the question you ask the interviewer. Unfortunately, in many cases, prospects make the classic interview mistake of missing this opportunity to make a strong, lasting impression.

Here's how many interviews end. The hiring manager's last question is:
"Do you have any questions for us?"

An all too common reply is: "No, you answered everything. Thank you for your time."

Wrong response.

Here's why: You just shut down the conversation. The only thing left is a handshake. Instead, you could have used the opportunity to learn more about your fit with the company and better position yourself to be the candidate of choice.

Great post-interview questions can serve many purposes. They allow you to:

Search Jobs

In Partnership Withcareerbuilder

Show Your Research. Businesses like people who are interested enough to know something about their industry or marketplace. You can start a question by making a statement such as: "I saw online that your company is looking to expand into ..... Do you see this position being involved in any way, and if so how?"

Show Interest. Interviewers want to know that you understand the challenges ahead and are able to meet them. One way to use the last question is to dispel any questions about your fit. This could start with repeating something mentioned in the interview. "We discussed XYZ earlier, could you expand on that problem a bit and let me know what skills you feel are most important to meet that challenge?" Then, when they list the skills wanted, you have another follow-up opportunity to let them know you have those very strengths!

Gain Insight. You don't want to accept a position that is doomed for failure. You can ask a question that gives you insight into potential success. Here's how: "What do you think are the most important things to accomplish in the first 30 days of the job?," or "A year from now, what would have happened for you to feel that the new person in this job was very successful in accomplishing your most pressing challenges?"

Display Expertise and Exude Enthusiasm. Similar to other questions, this type of ending lets you make a statement before asking a question. "I'm very excited about the job as presented, particularly because of what you said earlier about ... I faced a similar challenge when.... and approached the situation with a collaborative management style. Do you feel that type of style would be effective here, or would you prefer a different approach?"

The ending interview questions -- the ones you ask the interviewer instead of vice versa -- allow you to leave a strong lasting impression. Have more than one question in your quiver and never wing it. You should go into every interview with at least 3-5 questions that can be mixed or matched as needed. Just because you have a list doesn't mean you need to ask them all, but it gives you flexibility to decide which question is most appropriate given the tone of the interview to that point. For instance, if one of your questions was completely answered in the interview, your list of backup questions can easily be put to good use.For ideas on end-of-interview questions, check out How to Make a Lasting Impression at Job Interviews Using Questions.

Experts note that last impressions are important due to something called the recency effect, where people remember what happened last over any earlier impressions. As fellow AOL Blogger Jeff Lipschultz, wrote on

" In a long discussion, what you say last can be remembered even more than what you said or did at the beginning."

That's the reason why you should never end an interview with questions about the structure of the job, e.g. benefits, salary, vacation, hours. These can all be discussed after an offer has been extended. Any discussion of job structure at this point implies that you're not focused on the important aspects of the job from the employer's point of view. Structure questions generally leave a very bad last impression.

Still stuck on what to ask at the end of the interview? Channel your inner journalist and craft questions using the famous 5Ws -- Who, What, Where, When and Why.

  • Who do you consider a perfect candidate? (OK it should be whom, but don't get hung up)
  • What are the key traits you feel a candidate needs to be successful in this job?
  • I"m curious why, when we were discussing ..... you said .... Can you expand on that?
  • I notice that the job is listed as .... with x% of travel. Where will the job be based?

Questions are an important part of "the art of conversation." It's one way to leave the interview with a strong lasting impression. Remember your job is not to "end" the interview, but to "extend" it. The last softball pitch in an interview – "do you have any questions for us?" is your chance to take one more swing at bat. It's an important swing, because it can lead to a game-winning home run. Don't squander the chance.

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