Cold War

Events-Bianca Turner

Cold War

Truman Doctrine

U.S. feared to lose Turkey and Greece to Communism because Britain could not aid them no more,Truman ask congress for 400 mil for aid to Turkey and Greece and it was to aid any countries that resisted communist

38th parallel

Separating Korea ,North Korea was Communist and tried to take over South Korea which soon failed and cause them to have 2 different political belief

The Great Leap Forward

Maos Attempted to Modernized China economy,Economy Rivaled China ,China was formed into 3 different communes and incapable of achieving things

Ho Chi Minh

A Spokesperson for Vietnamese Communist,Ho Controlled N.Vietnam and U.S. didn't want that to happen because it would cause the domino effect.

Vietnam War

Along Conflict,War between South and North because of Communism and peoples views