Women in the 1700's

Sojourner Truth's most famous speech

At yesterdays woman's rights convention in Ohio Sojourner Truth gave a speech about the suffering of women and slaves throughout America. Her speech explained how women and slaves feel about the way they have been treated. A famous line from her speech is "Ain't I a Woman?"

role of women

Roles which women had played during the American Revolution had gained their appreciation by many people. During the American Revolution, women were spies. Spies during the war would do jobs like delivering equipment and disguising as a Loyalist to get more information on their plans if they were patriots. Women were also nurses during the war. Nurses would mend wounded men who had gotten hurt during war. And women were also laundry women who were in charge of washing dirty clothes. Women have been a vital part of the American Revolution.

contribution of women

Women made contributions to a huge event that took place which was known as the American Revolution. They did small jobs like hauling water for the cannons and starting the cannons during the war (which was very brave for women to do), spinning wool as warmth for men when it became very cold at war and they laundries the soldier's clothes when they got dirty. And jobs such as these that they had done for soldiers during the American Revolution had only made women more appreciated by many people.