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Stress (and how to manage it)

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. It is common in events or circumstances when an individual feels that they have to perform and achieve a certain level of success.

10 stressors of teens

Some of the most common stressors amoung teens include...

grades- high expectations

family- high expectations

friends- high expectations

relationships- trying to be the best you that you can be

extracurricular activities

sex- high expectations

time management- balancing out your schedule

lack of sleep- explains itself

sports- high expectations

being busy- too much going on

(note the explinations)

10 stressors of adults

Some of the most common stressors amoung adults include...

unhappy job- not satisfied with your job

heavy workload- too much work

divorce- dramatic life change

death of loved one- loosing a loved one

moving- going away from friends and family

lack of stress-relieving outlets- ;)

taking care of elderly- paying/caring for parents

depression- not happy with where you are in life

chronic illness- you are gonna die

fear and uncertainly- don't know what is ahead of you

Effects of stress

Stress is harmful to someone's health. It is harmless in small quantities, but if you experience stress for long periods of time, it ages your body quickly and can lead to many diseases.

Stress reduction techniques

You can reduce the amount of stress in your life by...

meditate- it relaxes you

breathe deeply- it relaxes you

be present- be in the moment

reach out- use social networks

be tuned to your body- it will alert you about problems and when to slow down

decompress- it relaxes you

laugh out loud- it can heighten your happiness

crank up the tunes- it relaxes you

get moving- don't get stuck doing one thing or staying in one place

be grateful- it reminds you of what you have

Guidelines for a low-stress life

To reduce stress, you should...

live one thing at a time- don't overload yourself

simplify your schedule- a hecktic schedule leads to a lot of stress

get moving- mix up your schedule

develope one healthy habit a month- eat salad

do something calming- premotes a happy lifestyle

simplify your finances- reduces stress

have a blast- don't froget to have fun

get creative- it premotes happyness

declutter yourself- stay organized

be early- don't be late

stressful life events

getting ready for prom

having a lot of school and tests

standardized testing

high expectations


death of a family member

getting denied from your college of choice

getting fired

websites that help with stress - contains information about stress and how to deal with it - can help you manage stress - contains information about stress in kids and teenagers