Smart Concrete

Jaden Sweat and Matt Severance

Science of Innovation -- Smart Concrete

Smart Concrete

  1. The innovation is the invention of smart concrete, which is concrete that is itself a sensor of strain or stress. The sensing ability is not due to the embedment or attachment of sensors.

How it works

the concrete has carbon fiber fibers which allows it to conduct electricity. the fibers fibers greatly affect the electrical properties. so it makes more conductive and the its electrical resistance change in response of damage or defamation.The smart concrete has a microencapsulated sodium silicate healing agent that is embedded into into the concrete. When stress cracks begin to form, the capsules rupture and release the healing agent which reacts with the calcium hydroxide present in the concrete to heal the cracks and block the pores in the concrete. The chemical reaction creates a gel-like material that hardens in about one week.26% of the original strength will recover in the affected area.

How it can help humans

Smart Concrete

How long it will last

It has such a high level of “crack control” that the researchers estimate it has a service life of 120 years or more. To compare, the average life span of concrete roads falls in the 40-50-year range, with up to 10 percent of reinforced bridge decks needing replacement after 30 years.

how much does it cost

smart concrete is not on the market yet.