Visit the Cambrian Era!

544-505 Million Years Ago ..... Where Life Has Just Started

Major Geological Events

  • Shallow seas cover most of the land.
  • Ancient continents lie near or south of the equator.
  • This time period had an explosion of life emerge, including some of the major animal groups today.

Dominant Organisms

Hey, want to look at the animals and plants? Well, the organisms back then were marine animals, and there was no plants at all! Let's take a look at them!

  • Many invertebrates, or animals with no backbones, came alive in the seas.
  • Invertebrates with shells appear, like mollusks and trilobites.
  • Trilobites were an extinct arthropod with an exoskeleton (a skeleton on the outside of the body), that was divided into three parts.
  • The brachiopod was a marine animal, which lived in shells like clams.
  • The final marine organisms that developed in the Cambrian Era were the jellyfish, sponges, and seaweed, which are still around today.

Climate and Environment

  • Climate — In the Cambrian, it was warm and tropical. It is similar to southern Florida today. Scientists estimate that Earth back then would have been warmer than today.
  • Environment — The environment in the Cambrian Age had no land features, because land was still developing. Oceans and a few coral reefs were all that were around.

What To See and Do There

  • Travelers might enjoy snorkeling or swimming in the ocean.
  • Try visiting some of the very first coral reefs being formed.
  • You might just want to relax on the cozy beaches.
  • See the continents being formed for the first time.

What to Pack For

  • Bring lots of food and water! There is no animals to hunt for, and there is no fish to fish for. No lakes, ponds, or any fresh water sources around!
  • Make sure to bring shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, sandals, and more warm outfits, due to the warm weather in the Cambrian Era!
  • If going snorkeling or swimming, you might need snorkeling gear and a swimsuit.
  • Since it's a warm climate, you might need sunscreen.

Beware of the Danger .....

A danger is that since there was a diversity of animals different than today, you are going to be confused on which animals are safe or dangerous. You might just touch an animal, and it was poisonous, so be careful!