One Day in the Life of

Ivan Denisovich

As A Group

This book was a drag, it was highly disappointing. Even though it is based off of true events it wasn't that great of a story.

Perspective of Nicolas N. Rojas

This book never really caught my attention nor did it keep me interested. The whole time I was waiting for the book to be over. It just wasn't what I expected it to be.

Perspective of David "Boss" Siple

I disliked this book very much. I understand that Ivan was in a labor camp, but the continuous and tedious description of every movement, and situation. And when ever something interesting happened, I feel it was rushed off. This book deserves 2 stars.

Perspective of Noah Laney Reed

This book was based of a single day in a labor camp, and Ivan Denisovich endured so much within that day. So just imagine the trials and torture that the Jews and others in concentration camps had to endure for years. This book was hard to follow, and led you out of the horrid views of WW2 and of Hitler's reign through europe. This book shows you the Soviet party and its devotion into the fight against the Nazis', and how Russia affected all of Serbia's citizens.