De Smet High School Senior Athletes

2014- 2015

Wyatt Perry

Wyatt participated in Football his freshmen, junior & senior year, wrestling and track, senior year. He placed 4th at this year’s Region Wrestling tournament to advance to the State Wrestling Tournament at Rapid City. His most memorable moment was making it to football playoff's two years in a row. Wyatt is the son of Vin and Melody Perry. He plans to attend Lake Area Tech in Watertown to study Agriculture Production, and participate in 4-H & HS Rodeo and hopefully some amateur rodeos and bull ridings as well. Wyatt was involved in HS Chorus all 4 years, a member of 4-H since the age of 8, participated in both 4-H BB Gun and Archery, 4-H Dog Club and has been riding bulls since his sophomore year.

Jacob Crow

Football 4 years Track 1 year

Academic All State

John Crow and Lesa Crow

Attend SDSU

FFA National Honor Society

Alex Wolkow

Alex has participated in volleyball for 3 years, basketball for 4 years, and varsity track for 6 years, and 1 year of football stats. Alex has placed two years at the State Track and Field meet. In 2013 she placed 7th in 300M hurdles, and in 2014 she placed 6th in 300M hurdles. Alex has also participated in two state basketball tournaments, where the team placed 2nd in 2013, and 3rd in 2015. Alex also hopes to bring home another state medal from the 2015 State Track and Field meet. Alex most memorable moment from her high school career was participating in a thrilling 3rd place overtime win at the State B's Basketball Tournament against Summit. Alex's parents are Shawn and Candy Wolkow. What are the athlete's plans for next year? Alex plans after high school are to attend South Dakota State University to double major in business and marketing. In high school, Alex has also been involved in FCCLA, NJHS, NHS, student council, yearbook, concert band, concert choir, women's choir, triple trio, and show choir.

Amanda Gehm

Amanda has been out for cross country for four years, track for four years, volleyball for two years, and basketball stats for four years. She has received all-conference in cross country for the last three years. Amanda has also received academic all-state in cross county. Amanda's most memorable moments were going to the state cross country meet in Huron her senior year and going to cross country practice and hanging with the other runners. Amanda's parents’ names are Loryn and Brenda Gehm. Next year Amanda plans on attending South Dakota State University. While attending SDSU, she plans on majoring in Animal Science. Throughout the years, Amanda has been involved in band, choir, show choir, National Honors Society, and FFA.

Rylie Osthus

Rylie participated in track her freshman and sophomore years. She also belonged to the volleyball and basketball team all throughout high school.Rylie received All-Conference DVC and LCC awards for volleyball her senior year along with being a member of the All-Conference DVC team in her junior year. Through basketball Rylie has received All-Conference DVC and LCC honors her sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school. Her senior year she was named DVC Conference MVP. She has been awarded as the Entringer Classic MVP her sophomore, junior, and senior years. Rylie was placed on the All-Tournament State B Girl's Basketball team her sophomore and senior years. She also was placed on the 2nd Team All-State Team, and was named a candidate for Miss Basketball this season.

Rylie's most memorable moments in high school was playing basketball in the 2013 and 2015 State Tournaments, and playing with all her teammates throughout the years. She also remembers having a get together with all the teams at the State B Tournament 2015 after the championship game.

Rylie's parents are Doug and Shelly Osthus. Rylie plans to attend Dakota Wesleyan University to major in Biology, and to play women's basketball for the Lady Tigers.She has also been involved in 4-H, National Honor Society, Choir, Band, Show choir, Summer Traveling Basketball, Softball, and St. Thomas Aquinas Youth.

Sterling Berg

Sterling has participated in golf since seventh grade. Sterling's favorite moments in golf were enjoy the spring weather and meeting new people. His parents are John and Mena Berg. He palns to attend SDSU and pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering. Other activities include the all school and one act play, academic decathlon, NHS, and band.

Regan Garry

Regan Garry has participated in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track & Field throughout all four years of her high school career. She was recognized for LCC Academic All-State during the senior year of her volleyball season and basketball season. As an athlete, Regan's most memorable moment was going to the State 'B' Basketball Tournament her senior year of high school. The memory of scoring the last points in her last basketball game will always be special to her. Regan is the daughter of Bob and Donita Garry. Regan plans to attend the University of Iowa to major in English. She has been involved in both high school band and choir in all four years of high school. She was also a member of the National Honor's Society.

Christian Small

Christian Small has been involved in football, basketball, and track for four years. He has been to the state track meet three times. His most memorable moment is the football team's trip to hill city his junior year for the playoffs. Christian's parents are Jason and Shannan Small. He plans to attend Dakota State University and participate on the track team. He is involved in the National Honor Society.

Joshua Mann

Joshua has participated in cross country for four years, basketball for two years, and track for one year. Joshua received the honor of Academic All-State in cross country his senior year. Running cross country with Pablo was Josh's favorite memory. His parents are Jack and Diane Mann. He plans on attending South Dakota State University and majoring in Construction Management.
Joshua has been Class President all four years of high school. He has also been in FFA, FCCLA Junior and National Honor Society.

Kennedy Fast

Kennedy has participated in volleyball for 4 years, basketball for 4 years, track for 3 years, and football stats for 1 year. She was also track manager for 1 year.

She received MVP her junior year at the Kayla Cleveland Playing with an Angel JV Tournament. In the volleyball season of her senior year she received both Dakota Valley All Conference and Lake Central All Conference player. She also received Academic All State for both volleyball and basketball.

Kennedy's most memorable moment throughout her high school sports career is getting to experience not only 1 state tournament but 2. Kennedy is the daughter of Jamie and Roxy Fast. Next year Kennedy is planning to attend SDSU and major in nursing. She has also been involved in 4-H, National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Church Youth Group, Band, Choir, Show Choir, and Triple Trio.

Derek Hoefert

He has participated in football for two years, basketball for three years, and track for two years. His most memorable moment was when he got an interception in football against Lake Preston. His parents' names are Amy Hoefert and Wade Hoefert. He plans on going to basic training then advanced individual training. Then attending Dakota State University for Cyber Operations. He has been involved in Academic Decathlon, which went to Nationals, and National Honor Society. He has also been class representative for his class his senior year for student council, as well as Luther League for his church.

Noah Clair

Noah Clair has participated in Cross Country for 1 year his senior year ,basketball for 2 years, and track for 1 year. Noah Clair has received LCC and DVC Cross Country runner, and made the state cross country meet and placed 49th out of 129 running participants. Noah Clair's most memorable moment was the last 100 yards of the State Cross Country meet. It was so exhilarating and exciting to have a last kick to pass several kids to place 49th. Noah’s parents are Robert and Kiply Clair. Noah has been blessed with a wonderful opportunity! He was originally going to go to Northern State University to major in Sales and Marketing in Sports, but his uncle works for a major marketing company called Advantage Sales and Marketing, and he has pulled some strings and has gotten Noah a full time sales job with this company! They are taking a "flier" on him because of his uncles word. He will be traveling with this company around the U.S as a sales associate. Noah has been very blessed with this amazing opportunity and cannot wait to get started! Noah says he would love to be able to come back some day and coach for De Smet. Noah has also been involved in baseball for 12 years and plays currently for a traveling legion team. He also has played soccer for 10 years, and has helped coach De Smet's baseball program. He is an avid De Smet sports follower and fanatic, and plans on staying involved in adulthood!

Katie Schipper

Katie has participated in cross country for two years and track for one year. She received a letter for cross country. The most memorable moment for Katie was that she was able to compete in track meets. Her parent's names are John and Tina Schipper. Her plans for the next year is to attend Lake Area Technical Institute. Some other activities that Katie has been involved in are: FFA, One Act, All School Play, Girl's State, National Honor Society, Band/Choir, Show Choir, and Piano.

Cylie Pastian

Cylie has participated in golf for four years. She has also been a statistician for volleyball- two years, boys basketball- one year, and girls basketball- four years. During her junior and senior years, she was a student manager for the cross country team. She has received DVC and LCC honors in golf. Cylie's most memorable moment was watching her classmates compete at the 2015 State Basketball Tournament. Making it to State Golf in 2014 was also one of Cylie's most memorable moments. Cylie is the daughter of Gary and Caryn Pastian. Next year, Cylie plans to attend South Dakota State University. She intends to major in Radiological Technologies. She has also been involved in National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, choir, 4-H, and FFA.

Andrea Schubloom

Andrea Schubloom has been a 6 year volleyball athlete starting in the 7th grade. Andrea also traveled with the girls basketball team for 2 years doing stats, and recently became a part of the golf program this spring. Andrea has received Academic honors in Volleyball and Basketball. Andrea's most memorable moment in athletics was making the varsity volleyball team her junior year because she had put in a lot of personal time to improve her skill. Andrea also enjoyed attending the 2015 State B Girls Basketball tournament to take stats for the team. Andrea’s parents are Stuart and Janelle Schubloom. Andrea plans to attend South Dakota State University in the fall to pursue agricultural studies and serve the South Dakota FFA Association. Andrea has been involved in band, choir, show choir, FFA, 4-H, National Honor Society, St. Thomas Aquinas youth group, and competitive archery throughout her four years at De Smet High School.

Kelli Aughenbaugh

Kelli participated in high school volleyball and basketball throughout her four years at DHS. She also competed in four years of varsity track (7th-10th) and two years of varsity golf (11th-12th).
Kelli received All-Conference honors in golf (11th), basketball (11th and 12th), and volleyball (12th). Also, she earned a place on the 2015 State "B" Girl's Basketball All-Tournament Team. Her most memorable moment as an athlete was getting the opportunity to finish off her basketball career in the state tournament. Specifically, finishing on a win in overtime against Summit in the third place game. She is the daughter of Tim and Renae Aughenbaugh. Next year, Kelli will attend the University of South Dakota where she will pursue a degree in Medical Biology. After undergraduate school, she would like to extend her education at optometry school. Besides athletics, Kelli has been active in the music department, piano, student government, student-based organizations, and her youth group.

Dylan Gehm

Dylan has been out for football, basketball, and track for 4 years. In football Dylan received DVC All Conference, Honorable Mention twice, and Academic All State. In basketball he received LCC All- Conference, DVC-second team, and academic all-state. Dylan's most memorable moment was when the football went to Hill City for playoffs in football. His parents are Loryn and Brenda Gehm.
Dylan plans on attending Lake Area Technical Institute for Ag production. He has also been involved in FFA and National Honors Society.

Eve Dobson

Eve has participated in volleyball and basketball for all four years of high school. She was in track for three years including her eight grade year and she was a football statistician for her junior year. She was DVC all conference her senior year for volleyball and her junior year she was DVC honorable mention and LCC all conference. Eve's most memorable moment was making it to the state basketball tournament her senior year. Her mother's name is Tammy Dobson. Eve plans to attend SDSU this coming fall to major in elementary education with a minor in business management.
Eve has been involved in national honor society all four year and was secretary treasurer her senior year. She participates in her church youth group. Eve has participated in choir, show choir, triple trio and band throughout high school.

Brody Harkness

Wrestling - 13 years total or all 4 years of high school. Most valuable wrestler Highest Winning percentage most Improved. Most memorable moment is when i placed 7th at state! Wade and Denyse Campbell. Attend Mitchell Technical Institute for electrical construction and maintenance .FFA Baseball.

Andrea Pommer

Andrea Pommer has participated in basketball, volleyball, track, and golf. She was an athlete in basketball and volleyball for all four high school years. During her freshman and sophomore years she participated in track. Her junior and senior spring sport consisted of golf. Andrea had the honor of winning the Kayla Cleveland MVP award her freshman and sophomore year. In 2012, Andrea played in her first State Tournament with the Lady Dogs and placed second. In 2015, Pommer placed third at the State Tournament with the Lady Bulldogs. As a senior, Andrea was named honorable mention for the DVC. Her favorite moment as an athlete was running out on the court and hearing the roar of the crowd for the first time at the State B's. Andrea's most memorable moment was winning her last high school basketball game in overtime. Andrea's parents are Jim and Deb Pommer. Next year, Andrea plans to attend South Dakota State University to pursue a degree in Nursing.Throughout high school, Andrea has been involved in multiple activities. These include; show choir, choir, band, mixed octet, triple trio, piano, FCCLA, and National Honors Society.

Jonathan Kretzschmar

Jonathan has participated in football for 3 years. Jonathan’s most memorable moment is when the football team beat Lake Preston this year. Jonathan’s mother is Leona Kretzschmar and his father is Chad Kretzschmar. Jonathan has no plans for athletes next year. No other activities are participated.