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First of all I'm just gonna get this straight. THE HERO IS LINK NOT ZELDA, if you were previously calling him a girl look under your pillow when you get home and there will be nothing because your mom forgot to put your tooth under your pillow (misfortune) :3. Also the picture below is Link, Lastly here is a link of Link ;) . ¥¥¥¥¥
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If you wanna know about the first game of the Zelda series...This is the place to be! Originally in the first game you started in a cave and you had to find your way out of it to get your sword, but now there is this little cave that is next to you and you go in it, this old man is inside and he says "it's dangerous to go alone take this!" The world record is also below.

Nintendo World Championships

Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 10pm


The world Championships are in Japan at 10:00
Legend of Zelda (NES) Speed Run in 31:39 - (World Record)

This is Provisionable

There are tons of theories in Zelda. But my favorite is this girl named Malon. She is a girl at a farm, you find her at the beginning and she blushes every time you walk by after you have talked to her once, but what is really weird is if you talk to her the second time she stutters and is nervous like she like likes you.

WiiU Tubers

They most known Zelda U Tubers are ZeldaMaster and SlimKirby. ZeldaMaster does 85% Zelda, 10% Other Games, and 5% Theories. SlimKirby does 50% Mario, 25% Zelda, 20% Complitation's, and 5% Theories. So ZeldaMaster is the most known...for now.
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Fun Facts

Fun facts are all about this article! I have 5! 1. I'm pretty mad that the Japan version of Zelda came with stickers, no fair! 2. The legend of Zelda wasn't really called "the legend of Zelda". It was actually called "The Hyrule Fantasy". 3. In Ocarina Of Time's Beta you were is first person, UNTIL everyone was mad at Nintendo for not seeing Link at all. 4. The reason Zelda is called Zelda is because one of they Dev's daughter's name is Zelda. 5. The only reason Zelda was made is because Nintendo was sick of making Mario games so they thought "Hey! Let's make a new game!". So that's how Zelda was born!
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Episode 01: Skyloft!
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Part 1 - Boy Without A Fairy

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