Critical Thinking & Creativity

Strategies to help new teachers

Strategies To Develop Critical Thinking

1. Start with lower level questions; advancing to higher level thinking questions.

2. Do not allow "yes/no" answers to questions, and make students prove their answers.

3. Form groups and make groups come to a consensus to answer a higher level question.

4. Require students to answer questions from different point of views.

5. Use "what-if" questions for debate within a group.

6. Ask "why" to allow students to use creative thinking.

7. Use questions that allow students to use debate or discussion to answer.

8. Have students re-word questions to make sure they correctly interpreted the question.

Why Promote Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is necessary in a global society. Students must be able to learn, but then apply their knowledge. Students are going to be competing at a global level upon entry into their chosen field of work. It is our job to ensure students are prepared for that transition!

Strategies To Develop Creativity

1. Groups to teach each other and debate with each other.

2. Role playing.

3. Create visuals.

4. Creative writing.

5. Use games and electronic devices.

6. Allow more than one way for students to complete an assignment.

7. Maintain a safe environment for students to feel safe to take chances.

8. Allow students to make grading rubrics.

New Teacher Support Group

Join us for new teacher support meetings every other Tuesday, right after school in the media center. We are excited to help! See you there!!!