by - Darshil, Jenish, Dhruwang, Kartik

Front page story

Author - Roger Stevens

Illustrated by- Jacqui Thomas


The missing money

The chasing story

More surprises

The trap

Who is the thief ?

Gazette makes the news

Important ideas, events, problems

  • They are going to write a gazette .
  • Mam's 10 pound note lost
  • Older students bullied small kids
  • The doubt went on Benny
  • Game boy was lost


Sam and Lisa were making gazette for the class 6. Then they went to find the books in the library over there they were finding a book and suddenly mam's 10 pound not was lost. Then they had a doubt on Benny because he was standing near the teachers bag.

When the Benny went out of the school, Sam and Lisa followed Benny where ever he went. He went in a shop and told the shopkeeper that he wants some Bristol then the shopkeeper told that you are small to drink Bristol then Benny told that my mother want to drink. Then the shopkeeper told that your mother is not mad that she will drink. Then Sam and Lisa told the mam that still they have not spend 10 Pounds note. Then still they were following Benny.

Then Sam and Lisa made a plan that we keep a game-boy in the class. Then when the class was over then they had to go for their playtime. At that time Alice told to Sam and Lisa that Benny is alone in the classroom. Then Sam and Lisa went to the class and told Benny that why did you steel our game-boy. Then Benny told that i didn't steal any game-boy. Then everyone did crowded near Benny and they all told that why did you steal Sam's game-boy. Then Benny told that i did not steal it and he threw the Game-boy on the table and went away banging the door of the classroom.

Then after Benny went Alice told that i have stolen the 10 pound note. Then in the class everyone was shocked because Alice is a good girl and she can't ever do this. Then Alice told to everyone that i have stolen the 10 pound note. She also a a reason for that because his brother had a rare cancer so she did. And it was a FRONT PAGE STORY. They also got a topic to write a gazette.


Initially we started literature circle. Formed groups and enjoyed working together and got inspired by such inspiring books. We enjoyed reading different stories.


If you belong to 13-14 years of age, we would suggest that you can read tree top books.

Along with this you can also refer to authors like -Shirley Isherwood, Margaret Mcallister, Nick Warburtom, Alan Macdomald.